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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Memory cards are getting bigger and cheaper these days, and if you’re carrying an Android phone, you’ve probably got at least an 8GB memory card in there, if not double (or quadruple) that. But what do you do if you have 500GB of data that absolutely HAS to be accessible from your phone, all the time?

WHAT DO YOU DO THEN?!?!?!? Seagate has your answer in a battery-powered hard drive with wifi, so you can wirelessly access your data from your Android phone (or even one of those iPhone thingies we’ve heard a little about.) You can interface with the device via a web browser for now, but an Android app should be available in a few months.

It’s sporting a $200 price tag, but wireless accessibility and a 25-hour battery could wind up making this hard drive a must-have device for some people who are constantly on the go. Sure, you can get that storage cheaper, but good luck putting it in your pocket, taking it with you, and accessing it on the go, all without wires! Full press release below.

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