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Sunday, July 31, 2011

It is reported that the new iPad laptop computers have great influence on the whole industry development. These years, the sales volume has got only little increasing while the rate of last few years have reached about 20% to 40%. What’s the core value of Apple laptops?

apple laptop, ipad

Although Apple had missed the great mass fervor of netbook in 2009, the miracle of Apple laptop computers is really amazing and unbelievable. Therefore, to cope with all these problems, the laptop manufacturers should take some effective efforts.

Security and stability

Security is a platitude of an old scholar to our electricity industry while customers will have different requirements to the laptop computers. It is obviously that the basic figures for laptop computers should be security and stability, including hardware, software and data security.


Green low energy consumption

Nowadays, environmental protection has got the attention from all walks of life. It can not only save the cost of enterprise but will protect our environment perfectly. As to laptop, low-consumed chip and other hardware have become the core value at present. Some non-glare LED screen can even reduce the consumption of nearly 60%, which is rare to portable consumer electronics. At the same time, it has also the ability to strength the standby time of computers.

Service is the core competitiveness

In this brutally competitive laptop market, good service and quality have promoted the development of all enterprises and manufacturers. Therefore, the standard of one year warranty has become guild regulations.

Just as USB Phone World, we have broadened the service from after sale to the whole process, from passive support to positive support. These days, we have also got our own online customer service by direct online chatting tool. Users can enjoy the special line service to solve all of the problems about selection, maintenance, warranty and so on.

We believe that the core value of the laptop industry must be based on these three factors. So is Apple. The lesson from Apple laptop has just the reminding of correct development direct. And it will guide us to a fast developing track.

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by: USB Phone World
Thursday, July 28, 2011

These years, many nations have come to pay attention to the recycling technology of lithium-ion batteries like USA and Japan. Even though lithium-ion battery is more green than lead-acid, Ni-cd and Ni-mh cells, it is still a problem to the industry to be pollution-free completely, especially for the dying batteries.

At present, only American Toxco Company has mastered such a technology of recycling, but the cost is even higher than the mining cost of lithium. For this reason, Department of Energy has decided to invest about $9.5 million dollars in this project.

rbrc presentation, lithium-ion batteries, recycling technology

The technology of recycling lithium-ion batteries

The current technology is recycling is based by swing hammer crusher so as to separate the metal components from the cells. So is the charger. Before being cut, they will take use of liquefy nitrogen to cool down the whole device to be below 392°F. At that moment, the cells won’t have any physical or chemical reactions inside. Then they can take the whole lithium-ion battery into alkaline bath to dissolve, filter out lithium salts and extract lithium carbonate while the reminding will be dealt with together with other metals like cobalt.

RBRC presentation and the effects of recycling

Since 1990, Sony has release the first new lithium-ion battery, it has continued to be commercialized but the recycling is still unsolved in many places.

Nowadays, our nation has the best legislation in waste batteries pollution management with both recycling system and networks. The largest organization in USA, RBRC has taken efforts to popularize their recycling plan to the public and have got about more than 300 sponsors. Actually, they have also the sites in Canada and the quantity of dealt lithium-ion batteries are increasing at a very fast speed.

The ways for users to recycle their used lithium-ion batteries

As is known to all, we have different collection box of distinct colors. According to RBRC presentation, they have three ways to get the recycling lithium-ion batteries, retailers with RBRC agreement, community public service organization and their own direct recycling sites. In community, RBRC has provided free collection boxes and other materials to recycle and popularize the information about how to collect household batteries correctly. For retailers, they also provide some information about portable recharging cycles and they will send these batteries to RBRC regularly.

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by: USB Phone World
Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The security and technology development have become the two primary topics in the market while it seems to be hard to win the both. If so, which one will you choose for yourself?

Nowadays, the security is no longer equal to personal safety only but the performance of laptop computer and other electronic products. As is exemplified by lithium-ion batteries, many merchants declare to have standby time of 10 hours or 12 hours which is proved to be theoretical value instead of real performance. In my point of view, it is also a kind of security deficiency.

security, novel functions, laptop computer

What kind of security do you need?

The first matter for security is bound to be stable. These years, the accidents of explosion, fire and electric shock have frequently happened to laptop computer, iPod and so on. Such a consequence is really worryingly.

As to most of users, the security must be come from configuration, lifespan and real work. If the new laptop system or other parts cannot perform long and well enough, it is just a flash in the pan.

Which novel functions will make you insecure?

Except for battery standby time, some other parts like LCD screen, internal memory and mother board have also got some insecure factors. For example, blue-ray drives and 3D screen will reduce the battery standby time and lifespan, but nearly no manufacturer will tell users about it in advertisement.

Filled with a great joy, the users was just disappointed about the unintended consequences so that they couldn’t enjoy the new novel functions fully. Such conditions are common, especially for those new released additional functions.

Is it possible to enjoy those safe novel functions?

It is bound to the last stage of laptop computer development. Actually, even manufacturers cannot predict these insecure factors from design and performance. If possible, we recommend users to wait for at least a month to test all the functions by real market. I believe it is much better to observe the market reaction than to have an irrational selection at the early times.

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by: USB Phone World
Tuesday, July 26, 2011

After visiting the Intel factory in February, he declared that he would nominate Intel CEO Paul Otellini to be the new member of President Employment and Competitive Committee. At the same time, Intel declared to invest about $5 billion dollars on the new factory. Is it related to the new adjusted policy? How much will it bring to our computer chips and development?

As is known to all, the topic that the Americans care most is just the jobs. These years, unemployment rate in USA is always keeping in a very high level while it has also provided Obama a very high pressure. This time, Obama decided to invite Intel to his employment committee. To be fortunate, this $5 billion dollars factory is just a gift to Americans that will create more than 8000 positions.


Chips are also important to Obama and USA

SIA recently has issued by press that the computer chips have played an important role in Americans economy while it needs large amount of fund and a suitable external environment to support the enterprises and introduced talents.

According to Thomas Fridman, the world is plain. With the help of Internet technology, global economic activities will complete with division of labor and cooperation. However, under such an environment, it hasn’t brought a lot to high-tech industry in USA. Especially for the manufacturing, more and more companies have transmitted into Asian and those of low labor cost. That is to say, the jobs are still an unsolved problem to Obama.

Anyway, in my point of view, if the suitable policies have reached in all the corners, the increasing and hungry customers will require more in computer chips and more other areas. That is to say, technicians, researchers, manufacturers and sellers are also required more and more in the society, which will be the root cause to accelerate development and get benefits from jobs.

From the last global financial crisis, it has taught us that it is no longer effective to seek quick success and instant benefits while the globalization of sustainable development will become an inevitable trend. If you consider the Internet world to be plain, I think it still needs some movement. Or maybe Thomas will give us a new word.

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by: USB Phone World
Monday, July 25, 2011

As a battery supplier, what we hate most are the refurbished batteries and manufacturers. In most cases, they provide users a very low price that has already disrupted the market order. As to users, such a product is also a potential danger. Therefore, we decide to reveal the truth by reality.

The truth of refurbished batteries

As a matter of fact, refurbished batteries have covered all walks of life, including laptop, camera, camcorder and mobile phone in particular. Although they seem to be brand new by the appearance, the internal structure is just composed by a used battery.

In some traditional stores, they just set out both brand new and refurbished batteries in the same shelf. In some online stores, they just take use of others’ pictures instead of taking by themselves. USB Phone World has ever been stored by those refurbished manufacturers in the product pictures. It is really a terrible and abominable matter.

After seeing that with my own eyes, I made up my mind to reveal the truth. The process is short and the manufacturing is very simple, which needs only old batteries, scissors, double faced adhesive tape, cardboard paper and so on.

The process of making refurbished batteries

refurbished batteries

First of all, they need to paint the profile of old batteries and cut into the same part by scissor. On the other side, they are labeled by double-sided adhesive and connected to the battery. After that, they have the same operation on the packaging sticker and connect it to the battery. At last, they cut out the metal contact and the refurbished battery has completed.

According to my observation, the skilled person can finish the whole process within only one minute. And it is really hard to figure out the difference from the appearance only. Of course, the performance is shortened to a great extent.

In this place, we need to remind our users to pay attention to the following tips. The metal contact is the key point. As they are produced by hands, it is hard to keep it even. In addition, warranty of one year is necessary. Otherwise, the refurbished batteries are possible to dead in only a few weeks.

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by: USB Phone World
Sunday, July 24, 2011

Since science and technology have become an important part of our lives, customers come to require more and more from the consumer electronics. Nowadays, people pay more and more attention to intelligent and multimedia technologies.

The notebook computer that has increasing relationship with our daily life is going to add more and more new additional functions, such as usb 3.0, fingerprint identification, Power Xpress, Multi Finger Touch and so on. Today, we will introduce some of them to you. How much have you imagined before?

Intelligent double graphics card switch

graphics card

As is past by many years, our portable PC industry is pursuing for a new ideal portable notebook with high performance and long last time. Except for the lithium-ion batteries, there comes to be another new intelligent double video card switch technology.

As a matter of fact, such a technology has appeared long time ago while this is the third time update for it. The last two versions have to rely on manual switch. Comparatively, the latest version of double graphics card is much more attractive. It can complete changing-over in an instant time without any operation of restart or flickering display.

In addition, the double graphics card will fluctuate in plugged and power off state in order to improve the standby time and reduce the frequency of video card.


usb 3.0

Before released, USB 3.0 has been delayed by chip set so that it cannot establish regulation for a long time. Only a few notebook computers have applied the technology of USB 3.0 before 2010 while nearly all the new notebooks have used such a USB 3.0 technology since 2011.

Compared to USB 2.0, the highest transmission rate is about 60MB/s, the USB 3.0 has increased a lot to be about 600MB/s. That is to say, we need to spend only a few seconds to complete a large file of several GBs.

3D technology

3d technology

It is an audacious but ideal knowledge to apply the 3D technology into the notebook. At the early times, some manufacturers have researched and developed 3D glasses for 3D technical notebook.

Since the glasses-free 3D technology has been released with notebook screen, it means the new entertainment age is coming. Users can have the real experience of making movies, playing with 3D games and other skills.

In the near future, as long as the resources of 3D technology can be confirmed in quantity and effects, such a new notebook will be the primary version. Of course, thinking of the factors of health, there’s still something need to update and study.

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by: USB Phone World
Thursday, July 21, 2011

It is said that a great number of users are used to work connected with external notebook charger while the lithium-ion batteries are still installed. However, some of them come to worry if such a habit will reduce the battery lifespan.

To be sure, each lithium-ion laptop battery has got limited recharging cycles of about 300 to 400. Although some technicians can update the level to nearly double times, it seems that the battery will also be damaged if it is continuously charging all the day.

Such a concept sounds logical, but the laptop batteries are not so weak as they think.

recharging cycles, lithium-ion battery

In conventional practice, the internal calculation system won’t record a charging cycle by charging and recharging times by periods. That is to say, the power energy consumed will be counted. When the consumption has reached about 80% to 90% of the internal capacity, it has completed one recharging cycle.

Evidently, as long as the battery hasn’t consumed so much from the external power supply, it will reduce only a little in every single day.

As a matter of fact, when there’s notebook charger available, lithium-ion battery just doesn’t work at all while users can find it not in charging for most of time. In the process, only the internal circuits of batteries are consuming the internal power energy while it will not recharge until the remaining has reached about less than 96%.

And there’re also some other factors influence on the lifespan, such as heat, internal contaminations, moisture, dust and so on. Compared to keeping connected with power adapter tips, if users cannot store the lithium-ion battery correctly in suitable places, the damage will be more seriously.

Actually, someone had ever killed his unused laptop battery. When he needed to use the battery after a few months, he was disappointed that it was out of work already. In my point of view, good maintenance and agreeable environments are of the greatest significance.

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by: USB Phone World
Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Since the last century, chemists have come to study about how to store the solar energy inside the molecules that will change their working states when coming across the light. Up till now, they think Light-sensitive molecules are the optimal among all, which have advantages in transmission, low production cost and recyclability.

Although they have proved their suspecting in theory, there’s little progress in practical work.

Nowadays, Alexie Kolpak and Jeffrey Grossman, the researchers of MIT(Massachusetts Institute of Technology) have found a new type of solar hot fuel, composed by azobenzene. Compared to lithium-ion battery, this new material is more economic, stable and green with higher energy density.

According to their circuit design, the new solar fuel has get together with organic photovoltaic molecular, azobenzene, and carbon nanotubes.

Such a PV molecular will update into a higher energy state in the internal structure when it has absorbed the sunlight. In the high-level state, battery has become to be metastable and voltage, heat, light and other elements will change with it, then return back to the original state.

But the problem is that the high energy state will be unstable if difference between two working states is not large enough. In laboratory, Kolpak and Grossman have successfully found the balance point when observing the structure of azobenzene carbon nanotubes. They have calculated that both of the states will produce stable molecular if putting the azobenzene upon carbon nanotubes. With better activation radioactivation, the material lifespan is also extended.

From the energy storage point of view, such a solar hot fuel has already surpassed lithium-ion battery while there will be almost 690 Watt coming from the new material per pint. Comparatively, lithium-ion batteries have only 200 to 600 Watt.

In reality, this research is still in the process of theory without any physical evidences. Furthermore, such a new system of azobenzene and carbon nanotubes will release only thermal energy instead of electrical energy. Obviously, manufacturers have to cost a lot in transformation.

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by: USB Phone World
Tuesday, July 19, 2011

When working on the laptop computer, some users just cannot bear the noises from the LCD screen even if there’s not something wrong occurred to visual elements. It is really a very annoyed problem to all of us. Whether for business work or entertainment, such a situation will make us feeling listless or even angry.

To solve the problem of LCD screen thoroughly, please stay with us to figure out the root cause.

laptop lcd screen, noises

According to the noises and different condition, the problem can be explained in two ways. And both of these two reasons should have distinct solutions.

The first matter is related to working voltage. When working with only laptop batteries, the output voltage varies with time goes by. Especially when the notebook is adjusted to the energy-saving state, the running voltage fluctuates apparently. At this moment, output current transferred from LCD screen EHT is also fluctuating.

The overall process of voltage and current varying has already explained the noises. It is the frequency sound from high-tension coil according to physics principle.

In most cases, laptop LCD screen will install electromagnetic shielding to get rid of such frequency sound. However, if yours is with poor-quality shielding, users will hear the noises. So, please try on the laptop computer by turning on and lasting for minutes to check seriously.

Actually, some nonconforming power adapters will also run into such a problem of noises. Therefore, in USB Phone World, we always provide AC adapter instead of DC adapter that can keep the output voltage stable even though the input voltage will vary with mains supplies.

Another matter is likely to be high frequency noises that are even more maddening. If users have ever heard about the noises, it is bound to be indelible. Such dizzying sound is caused by internal structure design defects. Generally speaking, the problem is caused by poor-quality motherboard.

If this noise situation is common to a certain laptop model, manufacturers will publish a new updating file of BIOS to users. Actually, IBM, HP and other large brands have all suffered from the noisy LCD screen accidents before. If so, please contact with the official customer service to discuss about the resolvent.

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by: USB Phone World
Monday, July 18, 2011

Previously, it is revealed that Microsoft has plans to issue an external Blu-ray drives and discs. And according to some news, it will be appear in the public market in the near future. Meanwhile, the other news about XBOX has also revealed that the latest version of XBOX 360 will take use of this Blu-ray drive.

From the vision experience point of view, the new technology is really a very good idea for notebook computer. At present, some desktop computers have already installed such Blu-ray drives with a wide range. But the reality is that the first generation is just unable to complete a whole Blu-ray movie.

A professional analyst Josh Martin has said that Blu-ray notebook is the largest problem to reduce battery lifespan. Just like iPhone, it is really so hard to see a movie of about 2 hours.

If the notebook battery capacity can be improved, the problem can be controlled in a certain value. However, it seems that most of notebook computers with Blu-ray drives have got only normal traditional battery so that the standby time is only one hour or less.

blu-ray drives
xbox 360
notebook battery

Of course, HD-DVD is no longer satisfied by the users, especially for game players. As to XBOX 360, to beat the competitor PS3, Blu-ray drives are the best choices to be confronted with powerful Blu-ray players. Actually, it is just the core value of PS3 at present.

From now on, Microsoft is bound to put the new product on sale while it's just a matter of time. According to their report, the age of Blu-ray drives is coming to us, especially in the industry of game console. But the notebook battery capacity and lifespan are the urgent unsolved problem to them and I think it will also arouse criticism among notebook users.

If so, there’re two trends to the industry, one for manufacturer and another for users.

As to manufacturer, unless they can reduce the consumption, there is bound to another better technology to substitute the Blu-ray drives and discs. Obviously, some high-end LCD screens are also the matched accessories for them. How to get the balance between these internal parts is the next urgent task to Microsoft and other manufacturers.

As to users, if you have already bought such a Blu-ray drive before learning about the potential dangers, you can replace your battery with a higher version. For example, a 9-cell long lasting notebook battery is a good replacement to the traditional 6-cell.

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by: USB Phone World
Sunday, July 17, 2011

There’s always a misunderstanding between users and manufacturer about laptop battery lifespan and performance. Some of users have the common confusion that why their Li-ion batteries could reduce the capacity even if they haven’t applied into use at all. And some batteries kept in the computer have shorter lifespan.

According to our senior technical engineer, battery can also reduce the capacity in spite of being out of work state. At that moment, inside the capacitor and cells, chemical reaction is still in progress and consuming the power energy and electric quantity.

In reality, the consumption of Li-ion laptop battery is affected by all kinds of factors, among which, ambient humidity, temperature, dust content in the air are the primary elements. Inspected by different environment, a laptop battery will consume about 1% to 5% of the full capacity every single day.

laptop battery, recharging, recharging cycles

Just as many manufacturers have set in the control circuits, these batteries can only start to recharge when the remaining power energy is about 96% instead of with only little reduction. Even so, if users come to recharging the batteries with 95% or 90%, it will hurt the battery and internal accessories as well.

The most reasonable way to charge the Li-ion laptop battery

The engineer Michael has suggested that if the battery will be out of use for a long time, users had better get it discharged to be about 50%. All the Li-ion laptop batteries are also afraid of light and heat, so please put them in cool and dry places. If possible, please activate it at least once a month that can maintain the effective performance of electrochemical properties.

Just like human beings, notebook still needs to have a bath. Michael told us that some external goods will accumulate in the appearance and inside the box seriously, such as dust, soot, hair and other particles. Under thus circumstance, a layer of dirt will make the hardware to be overheating so as to shorten the lifespan of these hardware assemblies.

Thereby, users should have a thorough clear of the Li-ion laptop battery by about once a month. In addition, some soft heat-storing materials should also be away from these consumer electronics. Once the thermal hole is blocked, the whole computer will be burned.

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by: USB Phone World
Thursday, July 14, 2011

There comes to be a new-style Li-ion battery that can store more power energy than the present ones. Meanwhile, with very good performance, it can also be adapted to high temperature, which is proved to be the most valuable invention in these periods.

The enterprise Leyden Energy has taken use of graphite set electrical and sodium imide applied into battery electrolyte. To make the Li-ion batteries last longer and have better adaptability to the heat. The spokesman is always keeping the secrets from outside.

li-ion battery, energy density

The energy density of the laptop battery is 255 Wattage for per kilogram that belongs to high-end products. With 50% higher energy density, such an internal structure can also be applied to electric automobile. Leyden Energy has also released that they are going to produce some high-end tablet batteries according to Aakar Patel, CEO of this enterprise.

Nowadays, Li-ion batteries have been installed in many consumer electronics. However, it seems that we need to improve the internal design to make them more security.

As for the automakers, they are in sore need of high energy density batteries to prevent all the devices from overheating. But they have to rely on some other relevant electronic equipments and cooling system.

The key point of Leyden Energy new technology is just the electrolyte and current collector, both of which have influence on anode and cathode performance so as to extend the security range and stability.

Li-ion laptop battery can take use of air to cool down instead of liquid only and they are cheaper and lighter. To prevent from overcharging or lack of power energy, the researchers of Leyden Energy have even got some experiments on vehicles.

It proves to be of very perfect superiority in reality. As to all kinds of electronic goods, these aspects of thermal management, life cycle and energy density have all behave well. Since this new technology has first appeared to laptop battery, with about 1000 recharging cycles, it is bound to have longer warranty and service time.

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by: USB Phone World
Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Actually, my desk has filled with power supply taps and cables thanks to my special work. But at home, I am also accustomed to the light of AC adapter. If you have the similar habit, you must have seen that it is conspicuous light source in pitchy darkness. Without a switch power supply tap, such a habit is also a way to waste energy consumption.

notebook charger, power supply tap, standby mode

Maybe you can think it a storm in a teacup, but the report of notebook charger accumulative total energy consumption has really surprised me a lot.

As is exemplified with a 60W notebook charger, it has consumed about 60W in charging and 6W in standby mode. Such a volume can be compared to a charging mobile phone. If it has been calculated by months and years, the consumption is so horrible. Supposedly, you can learn about the produced carbon emission and pollution.

However, the notebook charger is only the tip of the iceberg in the office or at home, television, DVD player and other consumer electronics won’t have reduced their consumption in standby mode if they are still connected to the power supply taps.

Recently, I have discovered a very strange charger in France. Mayamax, as a universal charger designer company, they have produced a very simple and environmental protection AC adapter. After you have started to charge, the device can be shut down completely and automatically after about three hours. Although it still cannot be applied to laptop computer and other high-consumed devices, it has performed well in some small portable electronic products.

green charger

This kind of ecotypical charger has got inner calculagraph that can cut off the power when the limitation time has reached. If thus green notion has been realized in notebook charger, it is bound to be a revolution to solve many existed problems like security, consumption and pollution.

Before, the technology has become robusted, users had better develop the habit of shut off the power at any time. Power supply tap with switch is another good idea to decrease electricity consumption. Not only for your notebook charger but also for us, a healthy way will make a healthy life.

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by: USB Phone World
Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Portable consumer electronics have become the necessaries of life. However, as they have all the limited last time, users have to depend on the chargers after they are power off. For this reason, a great number of motherboard manufacturers have released new software for motherboards to achieve fast charging. It can not only shorten the charging time, but can be available under any circumstances like working, standby and sleep mode.

ASUS Ai Charger

Although the laptop charger can satisfy most of the users, some who need to charge or transmit data from iPad, iPod and iPhone have complained that the laptop cannot run normally enough.

The Ai Charger technology is available to make any PC to be the power station for Apple devices or other portable devices. According to ASUS official report, the new software can improve the charging rate by about 50%.

Actually, all the motherboards from ASUS can take advantage of Ai Charger software without updating a special version of BOIS. Although ASUS has never told us about the core value, someone guessed that it may be related to higher output current from USB interface. Or the software has a unique way to fake Apple voltage monitoring mechanism out.

Gigabyte On/Off Charge

This new technology has permitted all the Apple electronic devices to fast charge by the motherboard slot. Even if the laptop computer hasn’t started, all the charging situations are possible.

However, as some mobile phones and portable equipments have the specialized specifications, they are unable to be adapted to this On/Off Charge slot. And the software can only support three external devices by maximum with 5 different output voltages.

Elitegroup EZ Charger

Compared to traditional USB interface, Elitegroup can improve the charging speed by more than 3 times by EZ charger technology shich can support all kinds of system running modes. Of course, users have to update the drives and relevant software to complete. Under the circumstance of power off, users should also close EuP function in BOIS for those motherboards with EuP energy-saving functions.

After starting the EZ charger software, there will be a small icon in the lower right corner of LCD screen. As long as the external devices come to be charged, the icon will be indicated green and accelerate the charging speed.


To increase the charging speed, it depends on both motherboard performance and laptop charger output power. After all, USB interface itself won’t have such a large output current.

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by: USB Phone World
Monday, July 11, 2011

The movie “Avatar” from Carmelo Anthony has evoked a wave of 3D technology. Obviously, many 3D movies, consumer electronics have also followed the wave and updated their products. After these months, the technologies have become more and more mature with time goes by. In this summer, Toshiba has also provided us a good opportunity to enjoy a glasses-free 3D laptop.

What on hell is glasses-free 3D technology?

Toshiba laptop computer, 3D technology

As a matter of fact, this kind of Toshiba laptop computer has several new advantages in technology, including barrier, lenticular lens and directional backlight. Barrier has the similar 3D technology as polarimetric technology. The primary advantage is that this technology can be compatible to LCD workmanship while the distinguishability can adjust according to the screen.

Lenticular lens is also called as double convex lens or tiny cylindrical lens. With respect to barrier, the most important factor is that is won’t be influenced by brightness. However, thanks to this craftsmanship, the LCD craftsmanship won’t be compatible to thus technology and will increase the production cost.

Directional backlight is primarily composed by two groups of LED. Cooperated with fast reaction LCD panel and drives, it is likely to achieve the visual difference between the left and right eyes with the help of sequential ways.

The world’s first laptop manufacturer has also released the first glasses-free 3D laptop computer, Qosmio F750 that can not only play with 2D and 3D images. The most amazing function is that this new computer can convert the 2D to 3D by two strengthened technologies, one to increase 3D preview and another to increase the brightness. This can decrease the brightness loss from 3D glasses.

In addition, this Toshiba Qosmio F750 has also equipped with high-quality configuration in the aspects of Intel Core i7 processor, NVIDIA GeForce GT 540M graphics card and 64-bit advanced edition of Windows 7 operating system.

From the industry point of view, the 3D technology has in the process of rapid development stage. More and more users and manufacturers have come to follow the technology closely. And since the glasses-free 3D technology has been applied into Toshiba laptop computer, there will be a new revolution to the industry.

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by: USB Phone World
Sunday, July 10, 2011

Rechargeable battery is one of most important advantages for laptop computer. Compared to desktop computer, laptop battery has all kinds of convenience in actual use. No matter when did you start to use the laptop, I think it is necessary to learn about the development of the batteries.

At the earliest times, all the batteries for laptop are made by Ni-cd that has serious memory effect under all the circumstances. It seems to be very inconveniently so that users have to deep discharge the power energy and then recharge it. Shortly after that, Ni-mh batteries have replaced it with less memory effect, which can improve the electronic quantity by about 10%.

Li-ion laptop battery

Since Li-ion laptop battery has turned out, it has changed the whole industry to a great extent. Actually the first product is manufactured by Sony in the last century. With little memory effect, people just don’t need to activate and have much larger capacity and standby time. Although Li-ion batteries have come into the research in very early times, the problem of stability and security has been solved after a long period.

Lithium and Lithium-ion battery has become the latest type high-energy products in 20th century. After entering into the early 1970s, it has come into practicability stage in many areas, including military and residential devices, such as mobile phone, laptop computer, digital camera and so on.

There’s no doubt that in the next few years, Li-ion laptop battery will continue to be the primary accessories. According to the current technology, metal Li-ion battery should be the new version in the long-term development. But now, technicians have to solve the problem of tree crystallization.

In the process of development, the laptop battery has to improve the energy density of Li-ion cells and the electrochemical properties of anode and cathode. Meanwhile, lightweight square and polymer cells will become the recent tendency.

On the other hands, some hi-tech fuel and solar laptop batteries are also available in the market. However, limited by high production cost and lack of security, they cannot take into mass production and popularized by the most.

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by: USB Phone World
Thursday, July 7, 2011

With the temperature increasing, more and more users have to take out their heat radiators to cool down the laptop computer. Although there’s one inside the computer, an external one can not only produce wind by cooling fan, but help the laptop contact more with the air. Nowadays, it seems to be more amazing that a new radiator has also the entertainment functions.

It is really so onerous to install another external audio for notebook computer while the primary is not loud enough if we need to fill the whole room. Meanwhile, the noise from the radiator has also annoyed the users so much in the process of use.

heat radiator, entertainment, sound horn

Based on these requirements and distresses, a new heat radiator has come out under all the hope. Actually, both entertainment and cooling fan are more powerful than the traditional ones. The basement and motherland are both black. To improve the performance, it has also taken use of rush net and senior engineering plastics as the manufacturing materials. Such a combination will make the radiator lighter with the sense of reality. Even though users want to take it out, it is also an excellent portable device.

From the side point of view, the heat radiator has a good angle of inclination that can meet the ergonomic requirements. Therefore, users have efforts to alleviate fatigue when working on the laptop computer. It is certainly that the main core part is the large mute fan that can blow away the heat equably. The most special part of the device is two silver equipments on the side, inside which there’s a particular double track stereo speaker.

On the appearance, this heat radiator is also connecting with the notebook computer with USB interface to get enough power supply. To be more surprised, there’re three eligible modes, pure fan, fan + audio and pure audio. On the other side, there’s also a button to adjust the volume.

At last, the basement of the heat radiator has a soft anti-vibration pad that can keep the notebook upon the radiator firmly and prevent from shaking. In this summer, please take it home and make your festival more flavorful.

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by: USB Phone World
Wednesday, July 6, 2011

In these 20 years, more and more people come to believe in EVP phenomenon. As long as you have searched on Google, you can find all kinds of relevant organizations around the world, including USA, Britain, Germany, France and Brazil. According to the most popular definition, EVP is a Hertzian wave coming from another world.

electronic voice phenomenon, evp

It is said that electronic devices have electrostatic interference and noises that are the messages from those spirits. The American Association of Electronic Voice Phenomena (AA-EVP), the most important EVP research organization, has explained to us that it is a world filled with Ghost signals just as the Hertzian waves in space.

A classic example: After losing the daughter, the first word a couple has heard, “I’m still here!”. When they asked EVP researchers for help, their dauther answered, “Yes, ‘the Big Circle’.” Actually, many people have ever contacted with their lost parents, lovers, brothers, sisters or friends by such a big circle.

They have told us that high-tech electronic devices have made it possible for us to hear of their voices more clearly. The Germany Adolf Holmes has started to achieve such a connection by radio, television or even computer phone. Although they seem to be not so unique, a member of Adolf Holmes has keep contact with his Mum for years.

If you have seen the movie “White Noise”, you must have known about the principle and unbelievable phenomenon. Although many spectators don’t believe in supernatural phenomena, they have been moved by such a power of love. After all, those who need to have connections are very concerned about their lost people.

In my point of view, you can have a try of the “White Noise” by relevant organizations if you really want to contact with the past friends. Or it is a way to pacify those who are so sad about the death by EVP. It is really hard to judge the meaning of these unknown Hertzian waves or noises. But never make your life troubled by EVP.

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by: USB Phone World
Tuesday, July 5, 2011

As to the notebook computer, the main hardware includes processor graphics card, motherboard chipset that have rapid development rate. Comparatively, hard disk and other relevant memory devices are much slower so that it cannot catch up with the time even if processor has entered into Core 4 Quadro I series age.

How to Enhance the Performance of Notebook Hard Disk?

notebook hard disk, 7200 r/min

1. According to the traditional algorithm, if the disk has higher ability to read more sectors per unit time is regarded as a better one. It seems as if it is effective to improve the rotate speed and track density. Nowadays, the primary laptop hard disk is rated at 5400 r/min. Once it is updated to be 7200 r/min or more, not only the cost will increase, but also the heat and noise will be more seriously. On the other hand, it is really so hard to improve the track density by current technologies.

notebook hard disk, hybrid hard drive,

2. Another way to update relies on 500GB hybrid hard drive. The work principle is increase a 4GB SLC chip on the basis of 7200 r/min disks. According to Adaptive Memory technology, it can store the data on 4GB chip directly in order to save the time from disk head seek.

notebook hard disk, SSD

3. As primary notebook hard disk has many disadvantages, Solid State Drive (SSD) is expected by many users. Thanks to the SSD special structure, it has higher reading rate, low latency, sound proof, low consumption, quake proof and so on. Although all these are necessary to laptop computer, it has some unexpected disadvantages like low writing speed, capacity and high sales price.

Conclusion, only from the upgrade cost, 7200 r/min hard disk has the highest cost performance undoubtedly. But from the performance improving, it is most efficient to update to SSD and then hybrid hard drive. After all, they can shorten the reading period of system loading software, games and other files. In my point of view, if you don’t have some special requirements, hybrid notebook hard disk is an eclectic selection.

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Monday, July 4, 2011

We used to improve our work efficiency and consider it to be forced by business competition and market development speed. With it, all the office devices and tools have to update to meet our sustainable growth demands on effects.

extended life laptop batteries, work efficiency

Since they have the extended life laptop batteries, they can no longer satisfy with the traditional computers.

Actually, when we come to not bear the short standby time, users begin to replace the former batteries with the higher sections. Some others are just curious about longer standby time, so he become to be accustomed to such a new work situation gradually.

Comparatively, they have different requirements but the same habits in daily work so that it comes to be no longer a higher section but a standard level for most of users. Of course, it hasn’t occurred to us at present, but it comes creeping on us to influence our industry, especially for compatible lithium-ion batteries.

Is our work habit changed by the time or these accessory equipments?

It comes to be a confused problem to us that is our work habits improve the lithium-ion laptop battery capacity or vice versa? Usually, users consider it a way of developing in technologies. Even those who have been changed by these accessories development, they have never realized the root cause.

As a result, to guide the way of consumer electronics, technicians have taken all efforts on adding more powerful cells inside to increase the standby time. Luckily, or perhaps unluckily, people seem to have higher and higher work efficiency until it is hard to breathe.

Whatever, as to USB Phone World customers, we recommend users to think more about your own habits and wishes about your work and life style first. Otherwise, extended life laptop batteries will not only increase your devices cost, but help you to spend more time on your tasks every day.

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by: USB Phone World
Sunday, July 3, 2011

Although it seems to be unreasonable to have a completely touch screen for laptop, there comes to be a new double screen notebook released that one of the screen can be used as keyboard. Actually, such a keyboard is the touch screen and double screen can widen the vision range.

laptop keyboard, touch screen

The magic hidden inside the normal laptop appearance

If you have never heard about such an amazing new consumer electronic product, you are likely to be deceived by this laptop appearance. But the double screens may surprise you with so magic effects, especially when the fuscous screen has become the touch keyboard. Of course, never put the computer upside down by being confused by the same blind screen.

Who needs thus double screen keyboard mostly?

As to most of terminal users, they are curious about this technology and new style notebook for their daily life. But if it turns to the practicability, necessity and cost performance, maybe only a few of us are going to have such a double screen laptop computer.

According to experience, designers usually expand their vision area by double screens. But we have to increase the cable quantity and occupy more table spaces to have a better effect in viewing the graphics. Comparatively, designers are able to save the keyboard space to improve user experience in screen viewing while they can take the computer out more conveniently.

What should notice in the process of use?

Obviously, when the keyboard has more amazing functions to be touch screen, users have to treat it more carefully to get rid of any hurts in such a screen. Different from the separated buttons, a whole screen keyboard may have a knock-on effect if any small part is damaged. Therefore, users have more possibilities to add another window film.

Something is still weak for this double screen laptop

In addition, as screen has higher electrons consumption than normal keyboard, users should have a more powerful high-capacity laptop battery and higher rate charger to ensure its performance. So is the Windows system and internal memory. Otherwise, if the laptop cannot be optimized to run stably, all these additional functions are in vain.

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