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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Although it seems to be unreasonable to have a completely touch screen for laptop, there comes to be a new double screen notebook released that one of the screen can be used as keyboard. Actually, such a keyboard is the touch screen and double screen can widen the vision range.

laptop keyboard, touch screen

The magic hidden inside the normal laptop appearance

If you have never heard about such an amazing new consumer electronic product, you are likely to be deceived by this laptop appearance. But the double screens may surprise you with so magic effects, especially when the fuscous screen has become the touch keyboard. Of course, never put the computer upside down by being confused by the same blind screen.

Who needs thus double screen keyboard mostly?

As to most of terminal users, they are curious about this technology and new style notebook for their daily life. But if it turns to the practicability, necessity and cost performance, maybe only a few of us are going to have such a double screen laptop computer.

According to experience, designers usually expand their vision area by double screens. But we have to increase the cable quantity and occupy more table spaces to have a better effect in viewing the graphics. Comparatively, designers are able to save the keyboard space to improve user experience in screen viewing while they can take the computer out more conveniently.

What should notice in the process of use?

Obviously, when the keyboard has more amazing functions to be touch screen, users have to treat it more carefully to get rid of any hurts in such a screen. Different from the separated buttons, a whole screen keyboard may have a knock-on effect if any small part is damaged. Therefore, users have more possibilities to add another window film.

Something is still weak for this double screen laptop

In addition, as screen has higher electrons consumption than normal keyboard, users should have a more powerful high-capacity laptop battery and higher rate charger to ensure its performance. So is the Windows system and internal memory. Otherwise, if the laptop cannot be optimized to run stably, all these additional functions are in vain.

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