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Monday, June 27, 2011

Recently, some laptop battery manufacturers have launched a personal customization business. According to their advertisements, users can ask for various types of laptop batteries with various internal capacity and output power energy. To achieve that, some powerful cells are applied while they don’t need to increase lithium-ion cells quantity and weights.

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What can users have in such a high-capacity laptop battery?

Of course, more and more users are no longer satisfied with their laptop batteries due to all sorts of new applications and systems. If not for budget limitation, they are very anxious to replace theirs with extended life batteries.

But compared to laptop battery of more cells, is the powerful batteries with the same cells quantity better? It seems to be hard to say.

How to ensure the security and stability of extended life batteries?

Needless to say longlife laptop battery, the standard lithium-ion batteries are actually hard to confirm its security completely. After all, in these years, Sony, Dell and HP laptop batteries continue to recall their products, accompanied by fire and explosion accidents. Obviously, security and stability are more urgently than pure capacity and last time.

The cruel reality is that larger sole cell is of more dangers than several small cells. The key point is the internal contaminations. If update the cells blindly instead of checking seriously on the performance, the accidents of overheating are more likely than before. That is to say, personal customization laptop battery has higher requirements on manufacturer technologies.

But what the hell is the root benefit?

As a matter of fact, if it is completely personal customization laptop battery, manufacturers will get even far fewer profits than before. From the appearance to view, such extended life batteries are already on stock instead of new manufacturing products. And users can choose the diverse laptop battery according to their own needs.

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