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Thursday, June 16, 2011

It sounds to be cool to have a laptop with touch screen. And I think a lot of users, including myself, have ever dreamed about it once before. But as the king of touch screen, Apple CEO has told us that such an idea is unreasonable according to Appleā€™s experiment.

laptop LED screen, Touch screen

Before then, Apple has applied for several iMac relevant technical patents, which has attracted many attentions from the insiders. The industry comes to guess if Apple is going to release a new touch screen desktop or laptop. However, Steve Jobs has given us a surprise answer soon.

Steve said that they have completed a great number of experiments about user experience and turned out to be impractical. In a short while, those rumors about touch screen laptop and Apple have disappeared. So are the wishes and expectations of users.

Soon afterwards, this Apple CEO also told us that he considered touch screen very amazing at the very beginning as many others did. Yet, a short time later, users would be tired due to long time use, especially the arm hang down consciously. Absolutely unreasonable it is, a very terrible experiment.

This can also explain why Apple has optimized dual sided magic trackpads. As to present, it is a better way to use this magic trackpad than touch screen.

Anyway, we have owned iPad, iPhone or iTouch but not touch screen Macbook or Powerbook. Are you disappointed or just persuaded by Steve Jobs. I think everyone has his own answer in his mind.

Maybe it is unreasonable to use a touch screen in laptop. Maybe the technology is not mature at present, even for Apple. Maybe some potential reasons unknown about the business and industry. Obviously, touch screen laptop is still far away from us at least for now.

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