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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

As for the personal belongings of businessman, do you know that how much has been revealed from your notebook computer? A famous entrepreneur has said that notebook computer is just another mask of businessmen.

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Laptop brand and series

I have no idea about all the people in terms of selection. Obviously, it is the first matter what others can see after you take it out from your laptop bag and before power on. It is certainly that your reasons are more than the appearance, but the laptop brand and series have expressed your own personalization and requirements.

The color and size of your notebook computer

According to psychological studies, the color is a figure of businessman and impression to others. Imagine what color you want your suppliers to have. And laptop screen is also the eye of notebook computer. Therefore, pay attention even to your laptop power supply in its size and color.

The computer operating system installed

I believe most of users have used their acquiesced operating system while people who keep pace with the times will update it to be the latest and people who are creative will choose a definitely different one. What about yours?

The desktop pictures you have set

No matter you have taken use of desktop themes or not, most of your customers and cooperators will be interested in your desktop pictures, even much more than yourselves. By all appearances, they want to get the answers from these pictures before verbal communication.

The way you have deal with the documents

Different from work table, the documents in notebook computer are more private to a businessman. And if you have applied the unique ways from your operating system is of great significance.

Supposed you need to prove if I am correct, please observe on your cooperators’ notebook computer. Hope you businessmen can get what you want to know more clearly.

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