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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Speaking of cinematography, digital camera, especially for digital single lens reflex, is another eye for human beings to create and record the beautiful sceneries and memories. But as to digital camera battery, some amateurs may be careless about it as it doesn’t need exquisite skills. So, I am going to learn why is battery regarded as one of most important parts?

digital camera and battery

1. Basic principle and power energy requirements.

I am convinced that most of people have habits to carry at least one backup battery when taking photographs out. Do the digital camera batteries have short life or we usually need more? In my point of view, both and some other factors are also included. Such as accidents and damages, no one can start taking photos if he doesn’t have power energy.

2. Battery selection and different qualities influence.

Actually, even OEM digital camera battery is likely to be of poor quality and relevant problems. Therefore, we should select seriously and check its compatibility. For example, np bg1 Sony battery, rated at 3.7 Volts and 960 mAh, has compatible models list in his page. Then users can avoid mistakes in selection and compatibility.

3. Have you ever paid attention to digital camera security?

As digital camera batteries are mostly lithium-ion batteries, the active electrochemical properties are dangerous if they don’t have high-quality protection circuit and other matched accessories like polymer electrolyte, separator and even internal resistances. That is why lithium-ion batteries are limited in quantity on the aeroplane. As a result, why try it on your camera to observe its standby time, work temperature, maximum voltage and current. In most cases, these features should be within a standard rage.

4. Something needs to learn about maintenance.

We recommend that digital camera battery should be cleared carefully in the connector and interface. In daily work, it is best to check if the battery shell has any dilapidation regularly. In addition, as batteries will have different performance with its temperature varies. Too high or too low are both unreasonable for cameras. In the end, please check by all corners of battery. Just as np bg1 Sony battery, any others have the same appearance but different specifications and functions are inadvisable.

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