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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Have you figured out that all sorts of junk files are filled in the hard disk? Above all, when we have expanded it for several times, it seems to be harder to find what you need. How to get balance with hard disk capacity and cleanliness of the files? Actually, if you have installed Windows 7, it is easy.

hard disk

Take use of Windows 7 Library

How to collect and organize the similar documents located in different hard disks? This problem is simple to handle. For example, if the pictures are saved in D/E/F disks, we can create a new picture library in the laptop computer and then put the pictures from different disks into this library.

First, please turn on “Start” and “Computer” and then right click “Libraries” in the left navigation and “New” – “Library”. Rename it to be “Pictures”. After completing all these, it is time to collect the files from different hard disks.

1. Including files. Please right click the relevant icons of libraries to choose “Properties” – “Include a file” and then add the object files into the library directly. Thereby, we can collect all these folders by this library instead of losing any internal memory.

2. Zero storing. In daily work, we should form a good habit to store and collect the zero files. After creating a new file, as long as we right click it and choose to “Include in Library” and click the object library can these files be collected.

As a matter of fact, the function of libraries is similar to shortcut. No matter where the files are, it is convenient to find the object ones from the object library and all the other similar types of files from hard disk. Is it of higher work efficiency?

If you are still using Windows XP or Vista, another way is also effective. Manage the files by “Tabbles”.

Although we cannot enjoy the convenience of Windows 7 Library, the tools of “Tabbles” can also manage the more files by adding the tags. The simple way is to provide the files or folders a specialized tab. Thus, all these files can be collected by the same or different tags.

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