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Tuesday, July 31, 2012
If you use your laptop under the condition temperatures higher than 95° F (or 35° C),  you may permanently damage your battery's capacity. That is, your Inspiron 1300 battery won't power your device as long on any given charge. You may damage it even more if you charge the device in these temperatures. Even storing a battery in a hot environment can damage it irreversibly.

Do not leave your laptop in your car. Temperatures in cars can rise much higher than outside, which may damage on your computer. The car's hot temperatures can overheat your laptop, potentially causing your hard drive to crash.

Keep your laptop out of your lap. Your laptop needs space between its bottom and the surface it's resting on to keep air moving.

When you rest it on your lap, there's much less space for the air to release. When it's on a flat surface, like a table, the back of laptop has consistent space between its bottom and the table surface. Then the air circulation will be fluent. If necessary, it had better to buy a laptop cooling pad which could help cooling your laptop to some extent.

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by: USB Phone World
Monday, July 30, 2012
Speaking of charging, there are all kinds of ways to improve the battery performance in output power, activity, last time, lifespan and so on. For this reason, if the usage habits have been acquired well, it can meet the high requirements of laptop computer and users in many aspects.

It is necessary to charge and discharge HP dv2500 battery regularly to activate the potential performance.

Actually, as for many users, there is no need to charge and recharge the batteries for many times to activate. Therefore, users only need to use the battery normally as before. As for those old or batteries not in use for a long time, activation can get the performance back effectively to some extent.

Charging for too long will decrease the real output power and other internal structure of the lithium-ion battery.

After all, overcharging is dangerous to many lithium-ion laptop batteries to consume more output power than actual requirements. For this reason, it is necessary to play with the HP DV2500 battery and charge it according to the work principle of lithium-ion laptop batteries.

Some settings according to the requirements of HP DV2500 battery in actual work

In laptop computers, there are many options to adjust the performance and properties of Li-ion HP DV2500 battery in many aspects, such as BIOS, power options, and so on. It can only help users to admin the system power energy well, but can extend the lifespan and standby time of the batteries well.

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by: USB Phone World
Wednesday, July 25, 2012
As for Sony Vaio laptop users, it is necessary to pursue for high performance to meet the increasing demands in running programs and other requirements in the process of use. Therefore, the high-quality Sony Vaio bps9 battery of good internal structure is the one users need to get better work situations in charging and running.

Lithium-ion laptop battery is composed by battery shell, electronic circuits and lithium-ion cells. The circuits have included control circuits, also called secondary protection circuits, with capacity indicator and other relevant parts. In actual work, the recharging and charging cycles are of the same importance as the battery security management system.

Generally speaking, the lithium-ion cells performance is mainly determined by cells quantity while the mAh is just the indicating of battery capacity. The higher mAh value is, the longer the lithium-ion Sony Vaio BPS9 battery can last for. Meanwhile the recharging cycles are also equal to the lifespan of certain battery in compatibility, running rate, portability and so on.

As for maintenance, there are some effective ways and modes to improve the performance of Sony Vaio BPS9 battery.

It not in use for a while, it can help the laptop to save more power energy to enter into sleep mode. Of course, in the process of work, power saving mode for screen is also necessary, which can last longer for business or personal use. In addition, some power options can also provide some power energy saving selections to extend the life time before using up all the power energy inside Li-ion Sony Vaio BPS9 battery.

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by: USB Phone World
Tuesday, July 24, 2012
It is known to all that the lifespan is a very important factor to lithium-ion laptop batteries. After all, users need a high-quality battery with enough power energy to meet the increasing demands in moving work places. Otherwise, it is just a portable PC computer instead of laptop. Therefore, USB Phone World will teach users to have a long-term cooperation with Lenovo T400 battery well.

Please don’t recharge the Li-ion Lenovo t400 battery for more than 12 hours for the first use.
In the market, it is frequently asked to discharge and recharge the new or unused batteries to get rid of memory effect. However, as for lithium-ion batteries, overcharging will damage the internal structure and decrease the performance seriously. Therefore, in regular work, users should ensure the output power, voltage and current in secure rage.

When connected to AC adapter, please connect to the laptop and then the outlet.

Actually, many users don’t know the subsequence of plugging the laptop chargers. If performed correctly, it can protect both battery and laptop computer to last longer. In addition to correct usage methods, high-quality Lenovo T400 battery of suitable recharging cycles is necessary to have enough last time and lifespan in actual work. In most cases, the high-end lithium-ion cells can ensure the performance of battery in quality to a great extent.

The suitable testing and work temperature

As for different laptop models, there will be official standards for secure performance in the process of work. Strict tests before leaving the factory can figure out the limitation for batteries to work in some special situations. Meanwhile, the secure range for output power and work temperature is the only one that users can help the battery to last longer in good performance.

At last, the damage factors like not in use for a long period, overcharge overnight, too high work temperature and so on, will destroy the while laptop computer and Lenovo T400 battery suddenly. Of course, please avoid remove the batteries when the computer runs into damage suddenly. If possible, turn off the laptop and cut it down from the external power supply.

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by: USB Phone World
Wednesday, July 18, 2012
After researching for three years, a new kind of AC adapter is in volume production that can provide higher output power for laptop batteries. It is reported the high output power charger can supply enough power energy to about 15 laptop batteries. Meanwhile, some solar versions are also in the process of research.

In last week, they are also looking for a power supply Lenovo 65w AC adapter that is of high work efficiency and supply more output power to laptop computers. In interface, connector tip, control circuits and other parts, this adapter can also perform well to run smoothly.

Through some special power equipments, the researchers are also developing a new kind of power charger for higher requirements, such as pasture. Each laptop battery can last for about three hours in the process of experiment. Meanwhile, a new kind of AC adapter getting power energy from cows is also in research, which can also work for laptop batteries.

The new upgraded Lenovo 65W AC adapter is of low consumption and can work for about 5 years even if working under high work temperature and other severe environments. It is known to all, usual laptop batteries and power supplies are unable to work steadily and smoothly under such circumstances.

In addition, the research institution is also about to devote some effective high-quality Lenovo 65W chargers and solar versions to public schools in US. Thereby, the researchers need to ensure the security and stability of these AC adapters to be taken into mass production.

On the other hand, the suitable Lenovo 65W AC adapter should be not only qualified in internal structure but appearance and portability as well to meet the increasing demands.

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by: USB Phone World
Tuesday, July 17, 2012
Lithium-ion Dell Studio 15 battery is composed by battery shell, internal circuits and lithium-ion cells. Generally speaking, the cells quantity is closely related to laptop battery capacity in output voltage and current. The control circuits are used to indicate the charging and recharging system information.

The standby time of laptop batteries is mainly determined by mAh. That is to say, the more lithium-ion cells inside, the higher the mAh will be. So is the standby time. The battery life is also measured by recharging cycles that can be about 500 to 600 times. Therefore, in two years, the old used batteries will be aged and decreased rapidly in standby time and other performance.

The usage tips for Dell Studio 15 battery

Actually, it is a problem for laptop batteries in extending last time and lifespan. Of course, there are some effective ways according to experience and battery features.

Enter into sleep mode rapidly

To save power energy, users should have a suitable battery management system to enter into sleep mode if not in use for a while. If users are not going to do like that, it is also effectively to close the LCD screen to help the Dell Studio 15 battery to save more power energy. After all, it is a high consumed part for laptop computers. Therefore, in regular work, turning down the screen brightness can also help users to control the last time.

Power saving setting

As is known to all, the power supply for laptop is the AC adapter. Therefore, power saving mode is of great significance to users. As for power saving setting, there are two modes, including BIOS setting and CMOS setting in windows system.

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by: USB Phone World
Sunday, July 15, 2012
In most cases, it is necessary to have a suitable battery to play under different situations, including conference, field work, moving places, and so on. As long as the power adapter is not plugged, users should have a long lasting Lenovo x60 battery to stay long enough according to the requirements in actual work.

Why is this Lenovo laptop battery suitable and powerful enough to terminal users?

As for all laptop models, there will be different demands in output power, interface, control circuits and other parts, which is the important determine factor for users to check if certain battery can help the laptop computers to perform well enough to meet the standard or increasing requirements.

The key advantages for this Lenovo X60 battery to help the laptop computer to stay long enough

It is known to all that the most obviously feature for lithium-ion replacement battery is the last time. For this reason, to stay longer, the real output voltage, current, work temperature, and battery shell have helped Lenovo laptop computer to reach the goal to stand for a whole meeting or other programs.

High-end lithium-ion 8 cells inside are the core value to Lenovo X60 battery to win larger market share.

To have long enough standby time, in most cases, the responsibility belongs to lithium-ion cells. As for the 8 cells inside, Lenovo X60 battery is rate at 14.4V and 4400mAh. In addition, the high quality performance has also helped the battery to work steadily for a long period. That is why it can win a large market share and 100% satisfaction.

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by: USB Phone World
Friday, July 13, 2012
There are many kinds of replacement batteries for sale in the market, including original, third-party, compatible and so on. Actually, they are different kinds of versions in sales price, performance, internal structure, primary accessories, and usage requirements. And this HP DV2500 battery of high quality is an extended version in USB Phone World.

The internal structure of this 9-cell lithium-ion HP laptop battery of high technology

As is the same as other lithium-ion compatible laptop batteries, anode, cathode, lithium-ion cells and polymer electrolyte are necessary for users to check if certain battery for HP is of high quality. Therefore, it is of great significance for us to check if these parts of been well designed and manufactured by high technologies and high-end primary materials.

The compatibility of this HP dv2500 battery for users to figure out if it is the right battery or not

In addition to the universal batteries, nearly all these batteries should have their own compatibility list in laptop models and part numbers. For this reason, except for the interface, the specification is key point to determine if certain replacement battery is suitable or not. Of course, the right battery can help the laptop to improve the performance and extend the lifespan effectively.

Other details for HP DV2500 battery except for the hardware and accessories

Normally, a brand new lithium-ion battery should be with at least 1 year warranty from retailers. Except for the high quality, the after-sale service is also very important to the HP DV2500 battery to have suitable maintenance, usage ways, repairing, replacing and so on. Therefore, USB Phone World online customer service is always available to terminal users to solve any question in the process of use.

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by: USB Phone World
Thursday, July 12, 2012
In many cases, the batteries have played the very important roles in laptops. However, not all the users have realized the influence and the significance to taking good care of them in regular work. Actually, with only some key points, users can make your Lenovo t60 battery perform well in many aspects.

The control circuits with suitable nominal value can ensure the whole battery working steadily in good conditions.

Many users should have acknowledged about the output power in specifications in voltage and current. Actually, these values are also related to the control circuits in controlling the actual performance. When the actual output power comes to be higher, the system will cut down and avoid providing power energy any more to keep the whole computer in secure situations.

Activation is necessary nearly once two months, which can adjust the data in BIOS.

Although the lithium-ion Lenovo T60 battery is of little memory effect, the activation by charging and discharging for several times can improve the battery performance seriously. Of course, please keep the remaining power energy within about 20% to 80%, which is the most suitable and comfortable range for lithium-ion laptop batteries.

Please use the Lenovo T60 battery regularly even if it is only a backup.

Actually, the batteries no in use will be weaker in performance, especially for those not being used for a long period. Thereby, users need to plug the battery in at least once a month even if the laptop AC adapter is available. Otherwise, the batteries will be short in standby time or even dead rapidly.

Please try to make the battery keep fully contact with the air to get good heat dispersion.

As is known to all, the heat is the most seriously killer to the electronic products. Therefore, in some cases, the high-capacity Lenovo T60 battery is a good choice that is of longer last time and larger size, which can help the laptop to have some spaces to contact with the air.

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by: USB Phone World
Wednesday, July 11, 2012
Speaking of the HP DV5 laptop computers, many users should have learned that USB Phone World has two versions for the laptop batteries to meet different demands. Even so, both of them need good care to improve the laptop performance.

The way to get to check the actual power energy users can get from the HP dv5 laptop battery

As to lithium-ion batteries, on no account can we ignore the actual output power in voltage and current that influences on our laptop standby time, running speed, lifespan and so on. Thereby, to be sure, users need to check the current status of the battery in use and the specifications of replacement or backup to learn if they are powerful enough by comparison.

The way to keep the output power in a certain value after using for a long time

With time goes by, all the consumer electronic devices will come to be elder and run shorter than before. Under this circumstance, it is key point for HP DV5 laptop battery to have very good internal circuits and high-end primary accessories to resist the high work temperature, extend the last time and keep the whole device in good conditions.

The way to get more power energy from the HP DV5 laptop battery

If users need more power energy, a qualified 12-cell version of extended life and 8800mAh is powerful enough to supply double last time and sufficient space for heat dissipation. Of course, as is larger and heavier in the appearance, many users still prefer to 6-cell standard HP DV5 laptop battery with the same output power as original ones.

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by: USB Phone World
Sunday, July 8, 2012
Although the lithium-ion batteries are not the key part for laptops, they have played an important role in performance and weight of the whole device. That is to say, the task for HP MU06 battery is to supply enough output power to keep a long enough standby time and help the whole HP laptop computer work under stable performance.

The way to select a suitable HP laptop replacement battery of suitable output voltage and current
It is truth that batteries are different from each other in many aspects. Distinct from charger, internal memory and other accessories, batteries for HP are specialized designed for certain laptop models in the interface, circuits, output power and so on. Of course, users can figure out if the compatibility is correct or not by the appearance comparison.

Check the status of laptop BIOS system to learn more clearly about the requirements and recharging cycles of HP mu06 battery

BIOS is said to be the most important part to read the information about the lithium-ion batteries. Normally, it can indicate the current output power, remaining power energy, consumed charging cycles and remaining lifespan predetermination. In some cases, it won’t indicate correctly, especially for the replacement or backup batteries. At that moment, users need to activate the batteries to get the best performance and indicating information inside.

Charging HP MU06 battery correctly to extend the lifespan of laptop and battery

As for lithium-ion batteries, with little memory effect, it is no need to overcharge and discharge it to reactivate. On the other hand, too frequent actions like that will kill the lithium-ion batteries very rapidly. Therefore, remaining power energy from 20% to 80% is the best work conditions to lithium-ion HP MU06 battery.

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by: USB Phone World
Monday, July 2, 2012
All the Sony Vaio laptop users should have some knowledge about the battery in standby time, compatibility, work temperature and so on. Especially when the original has come across some problems in charging or it can no longer meet the increasing demands, the replacement Sony VGP-BPS13 battery is bound to be what users need to consider seriously.

The Sony laptop batteries of different compatibility

In USB Phone World, there are many Sony laptop batteries like BPS8, BPS9, BPS21, BPS13 and so on. All these batteries are different from each other in capacity, last time, internal structure and compatibility in particular. Including output voltage, interface and compatible information, users need to check all the relevant factors to ensure if certain Sony laptop battery is compatible or not.

The Sony VGP-BPS13 battery of different capacity and output power

Nowadays, there are both 6-cell and 9-cell versions for this Sony Vaio laptop battery in stock. If users are not satisfied with the standby time of 6-cell standard batteries, 9-cell can extend the life time effectively. It is certainly that the higher capacity battery is larger and heavier than the standard 6-cell battery, which are users need to consider.

The Sony VGP-BPS13 battery no driver and regular versions in different performance

To improve the performance and ensure if Sony Vaio laptops work stably and conveniently, the no driver Sony VGP-BPS13 battery has covered nearly all the batteries for Sony Vaio in stock. Comparatively, it can solve the problems in compatibility to BIOS and no need to worry if the driver can be recognized and installed successfully. Anyway, with new upgraded technologies, the control circuits and lithium-ion cells can be indicated and cooperate well with Sony laptop system and BIOS battery management system.

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by: USB Phone World
Sunday, July 1, 2012
As for laptop batteries, there are many kinds of possibilities in regular work in advantages and disadvantages. Even so, USB Phone World has collected some effective maintenance tips for HP MU06 battery to have a longer lifespan and better work situations in regular use.

As a matter of fact, the quality and standby time of laptop battery come to be the primary factors users consider a lot. Thereby, it is an important issue for users to extend the battery life and take use of some effective maintenance tips to keep the performance.

First of all, users need to check the capacity and remaining power energy of certain HP mu06 battery. As to the first use, users don’t need to charge it by external power supply while it is necessary to consume all inside to have a deep discharge.

Please avoid charging the HP laptop and battery in rainy day. Usually, thunder will lead to current surge, which is dangerous to lithium-ion batteries. In the process of use, stable output voltage is of great significance to the batteries. And users should keep the laptop connected with the same outlet with air conditioner, refrigerator, washing machine and other relevant electrical equipments.

In addition, the HP MU06 battery needs periodical maintenance by charging and recharging. Each a month, the battery can have a standard activation to adjust the BIOS parameters to extend the lifespan of the batteries.

As for users who haven’t used their lithium-ion HP MU06 battery for more than one month, it is better to have more than 50% power energy inside to be adapted to discharging. In addition, too high and too low work temperature is also the dangerous factors to batteries while the most suitable storage temperature is around 68 degrees.

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by: USB Phone World