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Wednesday, January 30, 2013
The research group associated by the Pennsylvania state university and British university of Southampton has successfully produced a pin of concentric circles shape silicon semiconductor composed by SiO2. With good photoelectric conversion functions, once it is exposured, it can produce the same output power as solar batteries. If they have become dresses, they can also be fibrous solar cell or quick response optical detector.

solar battery, dress

Actually, the solar laptop battery and charger have become popular in the market as they are also universal ones for all the consumer electronics of different series. As is a special external power supply, they can be more conveniently in carry and smaller in size.

Comparatively, a1185 battery can save more space and more conveniently in use when it can also be a kind of dress. Aside from the beauty of solar battery dresses, practicability has already got great improvements after advanced mended.

The detail operation is to blow silane gas into inner side of hollow fiber by high pressure chemical vapor deposition method with suitable work temperature to be crystallized.

In terms of cylinder type solar cells, there will also be some other developed examples. And this time, the diameter of pin comes to be very small of only 13μm. At present, the length is longer and can even longer than 10m.

This kind of optical fiber type solar laptop battery is very soft and can be weaved to be dresses to supply power energy. Some of them can also be solar batteries just like mobile phone shell. Limited by flat solar battery power light irradiation angle, this optical fiber type solar laptop battery has no reliability to the sun light irradiation angle.

However, at present, the optical fiber type solar laptop battery hasn’t improved the technology from pin to get built in to get power wiring while Badding and others have already gathered the circuits in the fiber. Therefore, solar battery dresses have become closer and closer to us.

On the other hand, this kind of pin has already been confirmed to work as PD recently. With wispy pin, this high rate 1.8GHz visible laser pulse is powerful enough to response. At the same time, this technology has installed all technologies of different functions to develop the simple circuits for solar laptop batteries.

The destination goal will be inner chip of solar laptop battery that can transfer sunlight, gather processing circuit high-speed optical fiber with signal. If possible, there will also be a piece of optical fiber to realize power supply, conversion between sunlight and photoelectricity, and even optical communication.

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