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Sunday, January 27, 2013
Ultrabook can replace the traditional laptop computer with very high performance, extra slim, fast and very long standby time and visual sense, which will be the future development tendency. Actually, the rising of Ultrabook has driven the development of the whole Li-ion battery market while it will lead the industry into ultrathin soft bag lithium electric age.

HP Ultrabook

Compared to regular laptop computer, the thickness of Ultrabook and HP g62 laptop battery are larger with more space inside. At present, the regular versions can no longer meet the requirements in both appearance and performance. That is why it is replaced by slimmer square soft bag battery. The Ultrabook laptop needs to have square soft bag battery while a large part of them is liquid lithium electricity. With very high power density, more secure quality, liquid lithium electricity will be replaced in consumer electronic industry in long term.

The Ultrabook laptop is of the largest influence in Li-ion battery industry while in laptop computer industry, it has occupied more than 10 times of the market share at present.

The manufacturers of high assembly aided architectural design are usually of more advantages in performance and actual work. Ultrathin li-ion battery module is of lower manual assembly yield and needs automatic assembles.

The mainland module manufacturers need to improve the battery core technology and degree of automation. In all the Li-ion battery materials, three parts of them have the highest benefits, including high voltage anode materials, electrolyte, plastic film and so on.

The Ultrabook laptop computers have brought the large investment chances for lithium-ion laptop batteries. And the price of Ultrabook is of little bit descend while the shipment volume is of fast increasing with time goes by. That is why the share price comes to increase. Of course, there is still of investment risk in lithium-ion battery industry. The investors need to think hard about it before making the final decision.

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