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Tuesday, January 15, 2013
Based on Windows 8 operation system, deformation kind of hybrid notebook has occupied a large part of PC market since 2012. The special variant tablet computer has been published by many manufacturers. However, this new technology has not become popular in the market until the touch laptop and Windows 8 system has come.

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Except for the variant tablet computer, the touch screen has become the most important factor for tablet versions to replace laptop computers in market share. Actually, before Windows 8 generation, the other operation system is hard to be compatible to this touch technology in laptops.

At this time, Lenovo has brought us a lot of surprises in CES. Among them, the hotspot comes to be the touch laptop computer with Windows 8 system. Including low-consumed Intel Ivy Bridge processor, the mixed laptop computer based on Andriod system will be on sale soon of 1024x600 display resolution.

The latest tablet computer has IdeaPad Yoga element inside based on the new Andriod system. On the appearance, the users can have high expiration. At present, the introduction of the new item is not completed with some uncertain factors, such as Intel X86 or ARM processor.

There is a built-in IBM thinkpad r60 battery inside the keyboard base of ThinkPad Helix laptop. When the basement is connected with tablet, the cooling system will work to deal with the processor with higher performance.

In addition, this new Thinkpad laptop computer also support 4G LTE network equipped with NFC network with up to 10 hour standby time. Of course, it is better to recharge after using for more than 5 hours.

To some extent, Intel has promoted the Atom processor for Android smart cell phone, which will have large revolution in the near future.

Anyway, this time, both Android and Windows 8 systems have brought us a lot of funs and surprises, especially for this touch laptop computer of 10 hour standby time. The laptop battery performance and technology have been improved effectively. Of course, as for tablet computer, it still needs some revolution with better Android and IOS system.

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