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Sunday, December 30, 2012
Have you ever remembered the first time to purchase a laptop computer? It is really an impressive memory for users to recall the experience to play with the laptop computer and install the system to see more amazing effects. However, in these periods, some bad habits have also been developed gradually to influence on laptop performance.

bad habits, laptop lifespan

It is dangerous to playing on the laptop and having something to drink or eat.
Actually, this bad habit has occurred to many users in regular work while a cup of coffee is possible to destroy the whole keyboard, Mac G4 battery or laptop internal accessories seriously. Of course, some laptop computers have water resistant functions to be confronted with some accidents. And some other normal laptop computers haven’t got such a helpful function to avoid it.

It is necessary to keep the computer away from cigarette and sundries.

Although all the notebooks have fireproofing functions nowadays, the high work temperature will influence on the laptop lifespan effectively. Furthermore, cigarette ash is very likely to enter into the internal structure of the motherland computer to cause some other problems. Meanwhile, the sundries around will also store more heat inside to shorten the lifespan to some extent. Similarly, users need to avoid playing in bed.

If possible, please avoid clicking the LCD screen by the finger and tapping the keyboard heavily.

Other than the internal parts, the appearance of hardware also needs to be taken good care as they will influence on real performance in typing and displaying. And some high consumed programs won’t run for a long time. After all, just as our human beings, the laptop computer also needs to have a rest and put in cool and dry places to last long enough.

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