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Wednesday, December 26, 2012
As for fuel cell battery, it is in the process of rapid expansion in the market while fuel cell batteries have attracted many eyes thanks to the powerful performance and upgraded functions. Actually, this kind of prototype fuel cell original version can last double time of the similar type of Toshiba satellite a105 battery.

fuel cell battery

It is reported by Samsung SDI, this fuel cell laptop battery has power energy density of 200Wh/L. As is installed with 200 cubic centimeters of liquid methanol power supply, it can last for about 15 hours. With energy density of 100~130Wh/L, this Toshiba and NEC company is much more powerful than the regular laptop batteries. And since 2007, Samsung SDI has started to plan on fuel cell battery production.

Yoon Seok-yeol of Samsung SDI research and development center said that this new technology can settle down into hydrogen (H) from liquid methanol and get about 20W output power on the average while the maximum output power can be about 50W.
This new replacement battery for Samsung is smaller than regular ones to be lighter than 1kg. Compared to the competitors, these new fuel cells are more conveniently to carry and tighter to accompany the laptop computer and other devices well.

As for the production cost, this Samsung SDI fuel cell battery has budget of about 10 million dollars and they have more than 40 senior scientists at present to develop this butane energy fuel cell battery of new technology and it can supply power energy when it is suddenly to be output power of power failure in mains supply.

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