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Tuesday, December 4, 2012
Recently, the Windows 8 system has become more and more popular in the market while many users are talking about its new features, performance and influence on the new and old laptop computers. Of course, the Windows 8 system has really got some effective influences on the laptop battery life.

dell windows 8 laptop

Users can complete a new long movie without laptop AC adapter but Dell 6000 battery only.

In the past, some laptop computers, especially for those old used one, it is hard to last long enough to with only lithium-ion battery plugged in. According to lithium-ion cells properties, the recharging cycles will be reduced after using for a period while it will also get some reduction in standby time. And as for some high-consumed programs, such as a completed movie, it is really not easy to get enough power energy from the battery only, even if it is a brand new one.
The new power energy saving mode has helped the laptop system to take control of laptop consumption in Windows 8 system.

In Windows 8, the battery management system has been upgraded that can control the consumption and battery remaining power energy automatically to provide the best battery performing system mode. Therefore, it is necessary to activate the laptop battery and BIOS at first use of Windows 8 system. As long as users can turn on the battery management system and use the laptop properly, battery can last much longer than before without considering about the consumption.

Of course, if users need high capacity in real performance, higher version laptop battery replacement is necessary to extend the real battery life.

Even if the battery management system in Windows 8 can save more power energy, it won’t be so powerful as a extended life laptop battery replacement if users need real double standby time or longer. That is what about 8-cell, 9-cell, 12-cell laptop batteries can work.

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