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Monday, November 26, 2012
The advanced technology requirements are increasing everyday with time goes by. As a matter of fact, the existed resources are no longer powerful enough to us while we need to develop and exploit more new power energy by new technologies just like we have seen in science fictions and movies.

The alien civilization is confronted with increasing power requirements at present while we have to maintain the increasing population. The scientists guess that the closing planet can be the suitable situations for human beings to live. Just like what in science fiction, the most popular idea to get more power energy is developing and constructing the nature conditions to establish the power station.

black hole battery

The researchers guess that mini black hold Dell c1295 battery can be achieved to create power energy more conveniently by ourselves to be portable power supply.

By this black hold battery, the solar power energy will supply radial line power to collect and give out enough power energy. Once it is achieved, it will be very powerful technology to achieve self-power supply to be a new power resource.
Someone also put forward that it can be an interstellar stamping the power of the engine system to take advantage of thin hydrogen air to transfer the power energy to the system. And the black hold power energy will also create and supply more other energies.

This new positive technology is also a kind of way to look for extraterrestrial intelligence creatures by relevant signals. And we can also get some substitute resources to take good use.

The scientists have obtained a spherical shield field to find the black hold power energy resource to establish opening and closing system for them, including special gamma ray and solar power energy. Furthermore, the cost to create black hold battery is lower than regular primary materials and it is still being tested by physics research with interstellar navigation power solutions.

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