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Thursday, November 8, 2012
How powerful the radiation is when laptop is connected with the charger and mains supply? Under thus circumstances, according to the calculator, the radiation is of 3771 microwatt per square centimeter, which is really very powerful to human beings.

Recently, the world health organization has reported that the cell phone is possible to be carcinogenic according to some researches. With the popularity is expanded in cell phone and other electronic device market, the discussion of laptop computer and laptop charger is also going on seriously.

Dell 1545 charger

As is known to all, under different conditions, the radiation of consumer electronic products are different from each other. By different output power, voltage and current, the requirements and consumption will be changed to different levels for cell phone and laptop computer.

In nature, as long as the absolute temperature is above the zero assoluto, the laptop can supply power energy and heat continuously in the form of electromagnetic wave, which is called as radiation.

The key point for Dell 1545 laptop computer is the radiation while it is created the most from the Dell 1545 charger. Especially when users are playing on the computer when being charged, it will be stronger and stronger when the consumption is increasing.

Yesterday, we have had an experience on a laptop computer. The electromagnetic radiation from laptop computer is of low frequency. After taking use of this kind of low-frequency electronic device, the radiation of the whole computer, including screen and motherland can reach about more than 3000 microwatt per square centimeter. However, when the Dell 1545 charger is removed, the radiation decreases rapidly to zero.

From this point of view, users had better use the cell phone or play on the laptop computer when they are fully charged and removed the charger from the outlet and motherland computer to reduce the influence of radiation.

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