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Friday, September 28, 2012
As for most of the users, long lifespan is the one users pursue for, which is not only good to the laptop, but can save the cost and energy as well. However, even if with the same laptop battery, the laptop will get different output power from power supply and different lifespan. Actually, it is caused by diverse usage habits.

Charging and recharging the battery or replacement at the first use.

Dell c1295 battery

Of course, users can use up all the power energy inside the new batteries. Before leaving the factory, the manufacturer has completed a cycle of activation. The remaining power energy is for the Dell c1295 battery to use up in the process of transportation and other processes. As for users, fully recharging after consuming all the power energy inside is necessary and good to all the parts inside.

Avoid overcharging and high work temperature in regular work. If possible, the remaining quantity of electricity should be within 20 percent to 80 percent.
The best way to charge the battery is after shutting down the laptop computer. After all, in the process of running, the laptop will consume power energy and release some heat with time goes by. That is why overcharging, especially when playing, is really very dangerous to the whole computer.

If not in use for months, we have to have the battery unplugged and stored in cool and dry box after cooling down.

In most cases, the lifespan of lithium-ion batteries is determined by recharging cycles that are not the theoretical value but the actual performance. Actually, incorrect usage methods are able to decrease the effective recharging cycles. Meanwhile, indicator will also be with wrong information and data inside to influence on the battery actual performance. Activation can help users to get back something corrected. Therefore, maintenance is the most important dealing ways to laptop batteries.

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Wednesday, September 26, 2012
When there’s something wrong with the laptop power supply, it is possible to be out of power, poor contact, damage, power failure, wrong indicating information and so on. However, some of them have similar symptoms while users are hard to figure out the root causes easily. Thereby, the technique support department has summarized some ways to judge.

If the laptop comes to be shut down automatically even if the remaining power energy hasn’t been used up, it is possible to be overheating or poor contact.

Dell Inspiron 9400 battery

It is truth that no electronic products can run out of power energy in the process of work. Therefore, when the battery is used up, there must be something wrong inside the lithium-ion cells or interface. Users can try to plug the Dell Inspiron 9400 battery in again to check if it is of poor contact. On the other hand, if the battery is very hot, the control circuits inside may be working to protect the whole battery to be overheating.

If the battery is damaged, the last time will be shortened rapidly and obviously.
Actually, overheating and overcharging are harmful to the battery performance. In case of damages, it is had better to keep the remaining power energy in certain secure range. Meanwhile, cool and dry places are suitable and comfortable to all the electronic devices. Of course, the most important factor is to go and get a suitable compatible laptop battery before replaced.

Users can activate the laptop battery by charging and recharging for three times to get the performance back if it is the problem of battery indicating system.
Anyway, sometimes it is not the problem of laptop battery but the computer battery management system to be of wrong indicating information. In most cases, activation can help the users to get the power energy indicating back to be normally. Users can try all these ways to check the root causes and solve them more easily.

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Monday, September 24, 2012
Actually, all the laptop computers need enough power energy to continue working steadily. However, it is not conveniently to get a proper situation to plug the charger in. Even so, not all the places can supply such a good condition. For this reason, the laptop batteries should be awesome enough to support. Of course, in some cases, users have to have the AC adapter to ensure the laptop can work well enough.

HP pavilion dv5000 adapter

For long enough last time, HP pavilion dv5000 adapter is necessary to users to get steady and high enough capacity inside to stand for a conference or other programs.

It is certainly that laptop standby time is the most important factor to judge the performance of laptop computer and battery. However, not all the laptop can stand for long enough. Actually, it is really very hard to get the accurate last time as the usage required power energy is different from each other.

If the lithium-ion laptop battery is aged, it is dangerous to work with battery only.

Of course, all the consumer electronic products will be aging with time goes by. Therefore, all the other features, such as stand by time, running rate, and output power will be weaker than before. That is why charger can make the laptop computer more securely and stably.

On the other hand, the charger of high enough output voltage and current can make the laptop system run rapidly and smoothly.

All in all, if possible, users had better go and get a suitable compatible charger to be connected to the laptop computer and mains supply, which can not only ensure the whole work process to be more smoothly but can avoid any accidents to be get rid of power energy or any other possible problems.

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Friday, September 21, 2012
How to reserve your laptop battery? Actually, for a variety of batteries, laptop batteries can possibly cause explosion in addition to itself quality problem and also related to users’ improper using habits. Computer experts have suggested us that we need try our best to avoid bellows 5 misunderstandings regions in Acer laptop battery.

1) Charge the battery when it has been exhausted already or full charged
How to deal with: Over-charged your battery will drop markedly its activity. Therefore, please do not charge your battery into 100% on purpose. And neither keep using your laptop until it shuts down automatically because of the exhausted power. As a matter of fact, it will not do harm to your battery if you charge it when the power is 10% and stop charging when it is up to 80%.

2) Put your laptop on the bed with plugged although it is shut down
How to deal with: It will possibly cause the battery to be overheated catching a fire. So you should keep away the laptop from sofa and bed which is hard for heating dissipation.

3) Never take out your battery
How to deal with: In fact, the problem of over-charging does not exist for a well design battery because lithium batteries have its protection circuit. It says no charging when the charging indicator light extinguished. However, the aging rate of lithium batteries can be accelerated. So you had better remove your battery from your laptop if you do not use it so often in summer in case it is harmed by heat.

4) Using your laptop still plugged in although the battery has been full charged.
How to deal with: In addition to shortening the lifespan of the battery, it would cause overheating of the laptop which will easily damage the other components when direct current and alternating current be used at the same time. The simplest method is cutting the external power supply.

5) Reserve the battery when full charged or exhausted
How to deal with: Laptop lithium laptop batteries required to be activated statedly. So it is not correct for full charged or exhausted. Reserving exhausted battery too long will lose its activity. On the contrary, reserving full charged too long will bring potential safety problems. The best method is reserve it under discharged 30-40%.

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Wednesday, September 19, 2012
With the technology developed, the solar and universal chargers have become more and more common in the market to work for all sorts of consumer electronic products and different requirements in regular use. As for the performance, the traditional power supply comes to be more stable and conveniently in normal use.

solar universal charger

For travelling, the solar charger can work more effectively than before.

Actually, compared to traditional power supply, the solar version is of greater portability and power energy. Therefore, it seems that the solar charger should be a better choice to users to use in the process of travelling. From this point of view, it is really necessary for travelers or field workers to select a proper solar charger.

However, traditional power supply has its own advantages in some common factors.

Even if the compatible laptop AC adapter cannot be adapted to many different work conditions, it can help users to get enough power energy and provide stable work situations. Compared to universal charger, it is specialized designed for certain laptop models and original part numbers with certain output voltage, current and other specifications.

As is known to all, universal chargers can be compatible to many laptop models but not all of them are good in portability.

Usually, the suppliers will have several USB or other connector ports for these chargers, such as different interface, output power and so on. All these ones can save users the cost in purchasing replacement and other accessories.

From this point of view, the solar universal charger can replace the traditional power supply to some extent. Of course, the stability and compatibility are the more important features to terminal users in regular work.

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Tuesday, September 18, 2012
There are all kinds of chargers in the market, such as compatible, original, universal, solar, portable version and so on. Under this circumstance, it is of great significance to have some power energy more efficiently than before.

charger to go green 

This new NB charger can cut down automatically after being fully charged.

It is commonly asked that many users have ever worried about overcharging before. Charged till 100%, it is really very dangerous to continue charging. For this reason, HP pavilion dv5000 adapter has installed the new part to achieve this kind of function in regular work. This indicator can learn about the remaining power energy accurately and react according to the status automatically.

It can save more power energy in the process of charging.

Compared to other chargers, this new version has less consumption itself. That is why it can supply output power more closely to the nominal value. After all, the chargers also need to be charged well enough.
This NB charger can last long enough to go green.

Thanks to fewer internal resistances and consumption, this adapter can be aged more slowly than other power supply devices. Therefore, users don’t need to think of the recycling too early. This kind of NB charger to go green is really a stable way to supply enough power energy.

It is security to take advantage of this green NB charger.

By accurate calculation and settings, the NB charger can ensure the laptop and other electronic products to charge smoothly, steadily and securely in regular work. Meanwhile, the switch mode can be adapted to different output voltage and output current for different requirements and situations.

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Friday, September 14, 2012
Nowadays, the portable power supplies have become more and more popular in the regular work. But it is necessary to keep them work smoothly and use properly to last for long enough in daily life. For this reason, the users can charge the devices well enough to get enough power energy.

How to charge?

First of all, users need to find a special charger port with universal data line and plug it into the portable power supply. As for another part of USB port, it can be plugged into the laptop computer, cell phone or other portable electronic devices.

How to learn if the portable power supply if fully charged enough?

Generally speaking, there are four LED lights on the portable power supply, to be the charging status indicating light. When charging, the light will be twinkling and users will learn about the remaining power energy. It is very easy to figure out if it needs to be recharged. Of course, it is not recommended to charge by laptop USB interface port.

How to calculate the recharging cycles of the portable power supply for cell phone?

Actually, the recharging cycles are not determined by the capacity of batteries. All the portable products should have their own indicating capacity for themselves. And some digital products have the nominal value for output voltage, which users need to pay attention to if they can be compatible to the laptops.

If the large capacity portable power supply will damage the cell phones? Actually, except for the nominal output voltage and current, there’s switch mode inside to be adapted to different destination devices.

Anyway, users should have suitable data line for certain devices to have proper charge in regular work. That is to say, the port is universal while other parts should be configured or replaced.

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Wednesday, September 12, 2012
Nowadays, the compatible power supply has been applied to many fields with all sorts of functions. With time goes by, it comes to be developed into different ones to meet different demands in actual work. Such as battery capacity, the output current of the charger should be higher than that of the battery. There are some factors to influence on the flexibility of power supply application solutions.

More output power

Considering of the new handed devices, as for terminal customers, all these consumer electronic products are necessary to be configured with high specifications, Wi-Fi, large screen and so on. Actually, all these parts have high consumption than before. Generally speaking, users need to look for a charger of higher output power to complete fully charging in certain period.

Dell Inspiron 6000 adapter

Anyway, the new type of comp In the past, many devices of large output power should have many lithium-ion batteries or a battery box of many lithium cells and high capacity inside. Under this circumstance, it has increased the requirements and power energy to the Dell Inspiron 6000 adapter.

Output current

However, without the AC adapter of large current, users need to have some replacements with USB interface to complete all the tasks in charging. In addition, these components will also need to have high enough loads to transfer the large power energy through USB interface, AC adapter, battery lithium-ion cells and so on. Meanwhile, all of them should decrease the working power when they have reached the maximum work performance.

How to win the best output power in battery power supplying for sole cell?

More output power ports

To get rid of the bondage of all the components, users need to have power supplies for batteries to charge more smoothly. At this moment, an adapter of global compatibility from 100 to 240V comes to be a better choice.

Anyway, the new type of compatible power supply design is still of great challenges related to power requirements. 

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Sunday, September 9, 2012
As for some laptop users, it is really a terrible matter that the whole device comes to be shut down automatically although the battery is indicated to be of enough power energy. How com does it happen? Actually, in some cases, it is caused by battery problems. Thereby, we are about to talk about the causes for this problem clearly.

Please try to charge it by original compatible charger to see if it can be charged fully.
Actually, not all the problems for charging are led by the battery performance. Therefore, it is of great significance to take advantage of powerful high-quality AC adapter to have a proper charge before deciding if the battery is damaged or not.

Gateway nv59 battery

If possible, users can put it into the cold box and activate Gateway nv59 battery by charging and recharging.

As for shutting down automatically, except for power energy used up, the work temperature is another factor to influence. The lithium-ion batteries are with Li-ion cells and control protection system. When the temperature is increasing to be too high, the system will be effective to cut the all power energy down to avoid any dangerous situations.

After that, it is necessary to check the status in BIOS or operate by other battery management tool.
As a matter of fact, the wrong BIOS information will also lead to wrong performance. For this reason, if the recharging cycles and life time are dropping rapidly, it is possible to be the wrong indicating in BIOS instead of the actual performance. If so, activation will help the laptop to return back to normal work conditions properly.

Of course, in most cases, a replacement Gateway nv59 battery can figure out the root cause and solve the problem in a short time. If all the solutions above don’t work, the replacement is the last one to check and come back to the correct way in regular use.

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Thursday, September 6, 2012
When selecting a new product, many users need to consider more about the cost performance to make the final decision. Up till now, the technologies and configuration of the laptops are increasing with time goes by. However, the batteries haven’t got a lot of breakthroughs in performance. So, there’s one reason for users to make the final decision in selecting the replacement laptop battery.

The compatibility is determined by the laptop model and battery part number. Actually, both of them have the same directions to the compatibility for certain HP g60 laptop battery.

As is known to all, different from the solar and universal ones, the compatible lithium-ion batteries are specialized designed for certain laptop computers by nominal value in voltage and current.

Meanwhile, the manufacturers are have got a lot of relevant tests on these products before leaving the factory to check if they can perform well enough under different kinds of work situations.

On the other hand, it is really not easy for all the suppliers to have the HP G60 laptop batteries of suitable compatibility for real performance in actual work.

The Li-ion HP laptop battery is composed by electrode, electrolyte and protection circuits with nanotechnology. Each step and accessory should be completed carefully according to the official standard to ensure all the pieces can run smoothly enough.

Of course, as for terminal users, it is really not convenience to check the internal structure by professional devices while the reviews, reputation and after-sale service with certification are the important factors to figure out if certain HP G60 laptop battery is of good compatibility by all these standards.

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Tuesday, September 4, 2012
The heat is dangerous to all the electronic products while users have taken all efforts to cool down the whole device to ensure it can run smoothly and steadily. Here, we will talk more about how to control the laptop AC adapter work temperature to keep and improve the performance for a long period.

What has aroused the high work temperature when charged by the adapter?

As is connected to both laptop and outlet, the difference between the two sides is greater than any other parts in the laptop. For this reason, the difference has produced a lot of heat in the process while internal circuits will need to keep the whole device secure. That is why many users figure out it comes to be higher and higher in the temperature.

Compared to lithium-ion batteries, the adapters are of more complicated internal circuits.

In the internal structure, the Dell Studio 15 battery is composed by lithium-ion cells and control circuits. Comparatively, the adapters are of more circuit series part inside to have the whole process of power transformation done more successfully.

Is it normal for the laptop chargers to be hot in the process of work?

Actually, nearly all the chargers will increase in the temperature with time goes by as the circuits are working to transform the output power of different voltage and current. Therefore, users don’t need to worry a lot about it while it is also unreasonable to look down on it.

How can we control the work temperature properly instead of hurting the internal structure of Dell Studio 15 battery?

Normally, the air is the good friend to all the consumer electronic products and it is necessary to cool down the whole adapter fully to have an overall contact. On the other hand, it is unreasonable to keep the charger connected to the outlet all the time, which is also waste of electricity.

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Monday, September 3, 2012
Recently a Korean scientist in Weishan national KAIST developed successfully a new kind of lithium battery which could be full charged within a few minutes. And the related thesis has been published on the international periodical “practical chemistry”.

The conventional Dell 1545 battery is made with nano particles. Although new batteries are made with that also, this material should be dissolved in the liquid containing graphite and then carbonized the tight conductor network spreading all over the electrodes. Thus, all particles which could accumulate power could be charged again at the same time, so this could save the time.

On the contrary, the particles in the conventional Dell 1545 battery is charged in proper order from the outermost to the innermost layer. That is why the charging time is much slower. According to the test, the new battery charging time only occupies 1/30 to 1/120 of the time compared with conventional batteries.

When you charge the battery, it is even to supplement the electrons which are released during being discharged. That is why conventional batteries need to be charged for several hours because of its releasing power that is too slow.

Scientist improved the material formula, surface structure and production process (heat treatment) on the batteries so that the release and suction speed of the lithium electron has been up to 100 times.

With the development of quick-charged batteries, it could also be widely used in laptop batteries, camera batteries and mobile phone batteries. I can convenience our life a lot. For example, your laptop could be recovered by charging several minutes during the rest of the meeting.  If you need go outside abruptly meanwhile your mobile phone has almost little power by chance, you can charge it within several minutes. It will not delay your time at all.

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