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Tuesday, September 18, 2012
There are all kinds of chargers in the market, such as compatible, original, universal, solar, portable version and so on. Under this circumstance, it is of great significance to have some power energy more efficiently than before.

charger to go green 

This new NB charger can cut down automatically after being fully charged.

It is commonly asked that many users have ever worried about overcharging before. Charged till 100%, it is really very dangerous to continue charging. For this reason, HP pavilion dv5000 adapter has installed the new part to achieve this kind of function in regular work. This indicator can learn about the remaining power energy accurately and react according to the status automatically.

It can save more power energy in the process of charging.

Compared to other chargers, this new version has less consumption itself. That is why it can supply output power more closely to the nominal value. After all, the chargers also need to be charged well enough.
This NB charger can last long enough to go green.

Thanks to fewer internal resistances and consumption, this adapter can be aged more slowly than other power supply devices. Therefore, users don’t need to think of the recycling too early. This kind of NB charger to go green is really a stable way to supply enough power energy.

It is security to take advantage of this green NB charger.

By accurate calculation and settings, the NB charger can ensure the laptop and other electronic products to charge smoothly, steadily and securely in regular work. Meanwhile, the switch mode can be adapted to different output voltage and output current for different requirements and situations.

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