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Friday, September 14, 2012
Nowadays, the portable power supplies have become more and more popular in the regular work. But it is necessary to keep them work smoothly and use properly to last for long enough in daily life. For this reason, the users can charge the devices well enough to get enough power energy.

How to charge?

First of all, users need to find a special charger port with universal data line and plug it into the portable power supply. As for another part of USB port, it can be plugged into the laptop computer, cell phone or other portable electronic devices.

How to learn if the portable power supply if fully charged enough?

Generally speaking, there are four LED lights on the portable power supply, to be the charging status indicating light. When charging, the light will be twinkling and users will learn about the remaining power energy. It is very easy to figure out if it needs to be recharged. Of course, it is not recommended to charge by laptop USB interface port.

How to calculate the recharging cycles of the portable power supply for cell phone?

Actually, the recharging cycles are not determined by the capacity of batteries. All the portable products should have their own indicating capacity for themselves. And some digital products have the nominal value for output voltage, which users need to pay attention to if they can be compatible to the laptops.

If the large capacity portable power supply will damage the cell phones? Actually, except for the nominal output voltage and current, there’s switch mode inside to be adapted to different destination devices.

Anyway, users should have suitable data line for certain devices to have proper charge in regular work. That is to say, the port is universal while other parts should be configured or replaced.

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