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Thursday, August 30, 2012
Compared to the other parts of laptop, the battery and charger seems to be more sensitive while users need to have some proper ways to charge the batteries while the usage frequency, lifespan and recharging cycles are the important factors to influence on the battery and charger.

Nowadays, the lithium-ion batteries have covered nearly all the market while they have certain recharging cycles and lifespan. Generally speaking, the HP dv2500 battery needs to have some power energy inside and the manufacturers have already got some activation and pre-charging before leaving the factory. As for the original ones, fully charging and discharging is necessary and users need to have some operations on it to complete a whole cycle.

As for some fast charging adapters, when the indicator is transferred to be charged to about 90%, the charger will slow down until it is full. Users had better select the suitable and smooth charge ones to extend the lifespan and life time. Meanwhile the chargers from good suppliers and manufacturers are good choices.

Actually, charging when the laptop is on is of a little damage to the battery and charger lifespan. In the process of charging, the internal circuits will increase in work temperature while the output current is possible to be damaged suddenly. Therefore, it is properly to have suitable work situations for laptops and look for a special outlet for batteries to charge.

According to some professional persons for HP dv2500 battery and charger, users can remain some power energy inside to keep it work more smoothly and steadily instead of being shortened in lifespan.

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