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Tuesday, August 21, 2012
There have been abundant people claiming that some built-in application programs of Mountain Lion do harm to the lifespan of their MacBook batteries in Apple customers supporting forum. Therefore, Arstechnica tested a MacBook pro of retina verison on purpose. The result was that the lasting time of its Macbook pro 15 batterybecame 8 hours to 4.92 hours after installing Mountain Lion. At present, technical support person in Apple are investigating this problem.

Previously, Arstechnica reported several times about the situation that users of MacBook, MacBook Pro and MacBook Air had found that after installing and updating Mountain Lion, the lasting time for the battery declined sharply.

To some extent, the battery performance dropped almost close to half of the normal value.

Even so, the problem of battery endurance performance decreases after upgrading new operating system appears to be just case-by-case. Although there are many users confirmed the existence of the problem, most users think there is no influence on the battery after upgrading Mountain Lion and even better than the former version.

And some warm-hearted users have published some simple methods in Apple customers supporting forum, including fixing disk access or access control form, forbidding or re-stalling Dropbox application, reseting GateKeeper enabling program from any sources to against this problem. Although some users have fixed the problem by adopting above methods, most users still claim that the problems cannot be fixed. So some users presume the problem maybe between security and file system.

A user from Apple customers supporting forum claimed that he had gotten in touch with Apple. He said the influence of battery performance after upgrading Mountain Lion is no relationship with hardware and battery itself. The major problem is due to the software platform. In addition, he said Apple would release an updated in App Store recently to help users to fix this problem. But this news has not been proved by Apple. So the users who are puzzled with this problem have to wait for the further news.

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