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Thursday, August 9, 2012
In 6th, August, Lenovo group promulgated the lightest of 14 inch Laptop-Thinkpad X41 Carbon super in the world for their 20 -years anniversary celebration. ThinkPad X41 Carbon redefined business super again,.Many features make this product becomes the highest of attention notebook.

What unique and advanced designs does it have? Let us try to get familiar with its primary characteristics.

lenovo thinkpad x41

The Lenovo thinkpad x41 battery lasting time of this laptop could be 8 hours which also can be quick charged 80% within 30 minutes. Moreover it also has 2 seconds speed wake ( wake up instantly linked up the wireless network ) and 30 days of standby.

The thinnest thickness of front body is only 8mm which is currently the most thinnest than any other ThinkPad products..The weight of Thinkpad X41 Carbon super is only in1.36kg, even lighter than the then one in 13 inch. It is believed that the records will not be broken in a short period of time.

The body of Thinkpad X41 Carbon super is adopted the black carbon fiber material so the feeling of body is very comfortable. I believe that we are not unfamiliar with black carton fiber which is widely used in car, aerospace and other areas of advanced material. It is two times strong strength than aluminum alloy materials. Furthermore, the weight is only one-third of aluminum alloy.

The design of of screen is adopted super narrow frame. It means the 13 inch body is inserted the 14 inch screen. That becomes the major reason why Thinkpad X41 Carbon super is the lightest among all the 14 inch in the world.

Screen maximum opening angle is always ThinkPad notebook strengths of course including ThinkPad X41 Carbon super. Strong high sink type metal hinge shaft let Carbon screen the maximum opening angle of easily reach 180 degrees, to meet a variety of complex application environment.

Thinkpad X41 Carbon super opens the new concept of business laptop super.

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