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Tuesday, July 24, 2012
It is known to all that the lifespan is a very important factor to lithium-ion laptop batteries. After all, users need a high-quality battery with enough power energy to meet the increasing demands in moving work places. Otherwise, it is just a portable PC computer instead of laptop. Therefore, USB Phone World will teach users to have a long-term cooperation with Lenovo T400 battery well.

Please don’t recharge the Li-ion Lenovo t400 battery for more than 12 hours for the first use.
In the market, it is frequently asked to discharge and recharge the new or unused batteries to get rid of memory effect. However, as for lithium-ion batteries, overcharging will damage the internal structure and decrease the performance seriously. Therefore, in regular work, users should ensure the output power, voltage and current in secure rage.

When connected to AC adapter, please connect to the laptop and then the outlet.

Actually, many users don’t know the subsequence of plugging the laptop chargers. If performed correctly, it can protect both battery and laptop computer to last longer. In addition to correct usage methods, high-quality Lenovo T400 battery of suitable recharging cycles is necessary to have enough last time and lifespan in actual work. In most cases, the high-end lithium-ion cells can ensure the performance of battery in quality to a great extent.

The suitable testing and work temperature

As for different laptop models, there will be official standards for secure performance in the process of work. Strict tests before leaving the factory can figure out the limitation for batteries to work in some special situations. Meanwhile, the secure range for output power and work temperature is the only one that users can help the battery to last longer in good performance.

At last, the damage factors like not in use for a long period, overcharge overnight, too high work temperature and so on, will destroy the while laptop computer and Lenovo T400 battery suddenly. Of course, please avoid remove the batteries when the computer runs into damage suddenly. If possible, turn off the laptop and cut it down from the external power supply.

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by: USB Phone World