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Sunday, July 8, 2012
Although the lithium-ion batteries are not the key part for laptops, they have played an important role in performance and weight of the whole device. That is to say, the task for HP MU06 battery is to supply enough output power to keep a long enough standby time and help the whole HP laptop computer work under stable performance.

The way to select a suitable HP laptop replacement battery of suitable output voltage and current
It is truth that batteries are different from each other in many aspects. Distinct from charger, internal memory and other accessories, batteries for HP are specialized designed for certain laptop models in the interface, circuits, output power and so on. Of course, users can figure out if the compatibility is correct or not by the appearance comparison.

Check the status of laptop BIOS system to learn more clearly about the requirements and recharging cycles of HP mu06 battery

BIOS is said to be the most important part to read the information about the lithium-ion batteries. Normally, it can indicate the current output power, remaining power energy, consumed charging cycles and remaining lifespan predetermination. In some cases, it won’t indicate correctly, especially for the replacement or backup batteries. At that moment, users need to activate the batteries to get the best performance and indicating information inside.

Charging HP MU06 battery correctly to extend the lifespan of laptop and battery

As for lithium-ion batteries, with little memory effect, it is no need to overcharge and discharge it to reactivate. On the other hand, too frequent actions like that will kill the lithium-ion batteries very rapidly. Therefore, remaining power energy from 20% to 80% is the best work conditions to lithium-ion HP MU06 battery.

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