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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Lithium-ion Dell D630 battery needs some restoration approaches after not in use for a long time or being repaired. The process of charging and recharging have consumed a lot of recharging cycles while we need to help our lithium-ion laptop batteries to restore and improve the actual performance with the following ways.

The setting – to get the laptop battery to the best work situations

Please turn on the laptop computer, go to my computer – control panel – power options – power plan and set the battery parameters to be never.

Remove the option clicks of alarming to avoid the damage of programs when we need they react when the battery remaining power energy is low. After the battery is discharged fully, users can adjust the minimum power energy and synchronize with 0% curved line.

Charging and discharging

After setting, users need to discharge and recharge the original Dell d630 battery for about two to three times and it can also restore the battery charging curve to be adapted to different sorts of work conditions.

Those what we need to pay attention to is if the battery is fully charged. Then please unplug the laptop power supply and shut down the laptop computer to have another two recharging cycles.

In the process of use, there are many kinds of factors to influence on the actual performance in remaining power energy, aging rate, activation and other parts to be a very important task in actual work.

Besides, users can also adjust the power options for Dell D630 battery according to the actual requirements and charging and recharging for several times to finish the final task of power option setting.

Some other methods including cooling down, battery management system and so on can also help the users to keep or improve the performance of Dell D630 battery to a great extent.

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