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Tuesday, June 12, 2012
If you occur to be the user of Dell Studio 15 battery, whether original or compatible, there will always be something we need to pay attention to that can keep the battery performance and reduce the consumption and pollution to the circumstances.

Users don’t need to recharge the Li-ion Dell Studio 15 battery after the whole power energy is consumed.
Nowadays, all these batteries for Dell wu946 are composed by lithium-ion cells. Under this circumstance, it won’t be memory effect while the control circuits will record the whole recharging cycles by output power and the whole discharging round instead of the former ones. Usually, the lifespan of these lithium-ion laptop batteries are stable enough that can be used for about 2-3 years.

The power supply can work with Dell Studio 15 battery simultaneously.
Many users have ever worried about the lithium-ion battery recharging cycles when the AC adapters are available. Actually, the battery won’t be charged and discharged when the power supply is providing power energy to laptops. The control circuits can keep battery rested until the remaining power is under a certain value.

It is certainly that we need to prevent the Li-ion Dell Studio 15 battery from deep discharging, which will bring great harms to the batteries while the best way is to charge it to about 20% to 30%. Otherwise, even though the recharging cycles haven’t been used, the lifespan will be shortened very rapidly.

The last factor users need to pay attention to is the work temperature. As is known to all, heat is the most seriously enemy to consumer electronic products. And the storage and usage methods for Dell Studio 15 battery and other battery series should also be paid attention to if not used for a long time.

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