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Friday, May 25, 2012
As to terminal users, it is really important to charge the laptop computer and battery correctly whether it is an old or new battery, whether it is original or compatible. To some extent, the correct way to charge will not only bring you more power energy in the process of work, but can improve the performance and extend the lifespan as well.

Since so, how can we charge the gateway battery as09a61 correctly to achieve these effects?
We should learn about the battery real performance and use it according to the suitable consumption.
In most cases, different users should have different usage methods on their laptop and batteries. Therefore, the first matter we need to do is judging the consumption in actual work. On no account can we use the old or used ones with too high consumption. If you have to use it fully, we recommend users to select an OEM or compatible replacement battery for Gateway.

We should store these lithium-ion Gateway as09a61 batteries correctly.
If the backup battery is not used frequently, incorrect storage will damage the performance seriously and we need to remove it from the motherland laptop and put it into a cool and dry box in correct place. After that, recharging each month is also necessary to keep the performance.

And some other factors we need to pay attention to.
Such as plugging subsequence, work temperature, situations and so on. All these factors have great influence on actual work of the certain laptop battery. Therefore, we need to be careful when working on these laptops and keep this Gateway battery as09a61 in good way.

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by: USB Phone World