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Wednesday, May 16, 2012
It is truth that Gateway nv59 battery is the necessary part for Acer Aspire 4732, Gateway NV54 NV58 NV59 and other laptop models. As for this battery, there’s always be something relevant to the structure and other performance factors users should know to keep or improve.

What is the internal structure of this Li-ion Gateway laptop battery?
The same as other Li-ion batteries, whether OEM or third-party version, this Gateway battery for NV59 series is also of little memory effect and can last longer. Rated at 11.1V And 4400mAh/49Wh, 6 cells inside should be three in parallel and two in series for each parallel. Thereby, it can support that the laptop system smoothly thanks to the suitable output power.

The correct way to select a suitable Gateway NV59 battery for Acer or Gateway laptops
As for purchasing a new battery, the compatibility is the most important factor users need to check. Normally, laptop model and original battery part number can help us to get to the final correct battery very conveniently. After that, it is necessary to select 6-cell or 9-cell upgraded version according to your own requirement.

What we should do for the first use of this replacement or backup battery for Gateway?
If it is a brand new one for the first use, please fully charge it and discharge for about 2-3 times. Please don’t overcharge it for more than 10 hours. Otherwise, it may be damaged or shortened the lifespan suddenly. If possible, it is a good way to install a battery management system to adjust the BIOS data and learn about the battery actual performance clearly.

How to prolong the lifespan of Gateway NV59 battery?
If users have done well in the above items, it is very easy to keep the lifespan. As for prolonging, the usual work on it is also of great significance. Users need to take care of it to think about the work temperature, charging rate, remaining power energy, compatible laptop computer situations, and so on. A clear, cool and stable running Gateway NV59 battery will always be a very good cooperator in all the times when playing with Acer or Gateway notebooks.

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