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Tuesday, May 1, 2012
Among laptop power supplies, there’re all sorts of types of products for laptop computers. However, they are different in capacity, performance, lifespan, life time, functions and so on. Here, we are about to introduce this Dell 6000 battery D5318 to users that can extend laptop running time with primary advantages of laptop batteries in the market.

The 9-cell and 12-cell Dell 6000 battery both have longer standby time and higher output power than original regular version.

After studying on the internal structure and specifications, we have taking efforts to install more cells inside to improve the laptop battery functions and standby time to meet the increasing demands. That is to say, we have totally three versions for selected according to the real requirements in business work.

Lithium-ion cells quality and quantity have determined the performance of all the Dell laptop batteries.
To be sure, high-capacity batteries usually have longer life time than standard ones. However, it doesn’t mean that only the quantity decides all. After all, the cells are not the same in output voltage and current. Supposed each cell is of 3.6V and 2000mAh, 9-cell one should be 10.8V and 6000mAh while 6600mAh of 9 cells inside is assembled by 2200mAh cells. Comparatively, the battery with standard lithium-ion cells inside has powerful functions and high enough output power.

Although we are unable to optimize the laptop system to a great extent, a replacement Dell 6000 battery of high cost performance is a good choice to ameliorate the work conditions.
The Dell 6000 battery, no matter how many lithium-ion cells are installed inside, is a way to provide the laptop a new beginning to cooperate with terminal users to complete more difficult and new increasing demands in regular work. Therefore, why not try on your Dell laptop series with this D5318 battery?

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