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Friday, May 11, 2012
Have you ever considered about the charge time in addition to the running speed and last time of laptop battery before? Actually, we are able to control these factors by certain batteries according to our own requirements.

How to calculate the charge time of my Sony laptop battery?
In most cases, these lithium-ion batteries are of the similar charge time if they are of the same OEM specs. However, in actual work, the calculation shouldn’t be the same as theoretical value as it is also related to the output power of AC adapter and the surrounding work situations.

Some ways to facilitate the running rate of Sony laptop battery?
As is known to all, we are able to use some anti-virus or collection tools to optimize the system in the internal memory and BIOS. Besides, users can also do something on battery to improve its actual work performance to increase the running rate to some extent.

How to select a brand new battery for my Sony Vaio laptop with suitable charge time and running rate?
As a matter of fact, brand new replacement Sony laptop battery is better than old used original ones even if it may be of the same output power. After all, internal resistances can be avoided greatly to serve the Sony laptop well.

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