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Tuesday, May 29, 2012
As is known to all, Li-ion laptop batteries, except for universal ones, have certain configuration just as different laptop series do. That is to say, users can judge this Dell Inspiron 1300 battery by configuration and specifications to check if the functions and performance have met the basic or higher requirements.

Is it necessary to get an 8-cell Dell laptop battery of higher capacity? Or 4-cell version is powerful enough.
To be sure, many users are pursue of the 8-cell upgraded battery for Dell Inspiron 1300, B120, B130 and other compatible laptop models except for the consideration of sales price and shape. Therefore, it seems that 8-cell version comes to be more powerful. Actually, 4-cell has the same output voltage and lower output current in specifications. It won’t influence on the process of work on laptop in internal memory reading speed, reviewing, surfing and so on, but the standby time only. Therefore, if users don’t have higher requirements in last time, 4-cell is powerful enough.

What is the difference of these two batteries for Dell Inspiron in configuration and functions?
As for the 8-cell batteries, they are rated at 14.8V and 4800mah while the 4-cell batteries are of 14.8V and 2400mah. Therefore, 8-cell version can supply higher capacity and longer last time. Comparatively, 4-cell of OEM specs is just the basic configuration of about 2-3 hours.

The correct usage methods for 8-cell and 4-cell Dell Inspiron 1300 battery
It is truth that both 8-cell and 4-cell lithium-ion Dell batteries should be taken good care to keep the performance. For this reason, the usage methods should be the same as other lithium-ion batteries. Of course, the consumption should be kept in a certain secure range to avoid overcharging and high worm temperature according to your own playing demands.

And there are some other factors need to check when purchasing a new replacement Dell Inspiron laptop battery. Users can call us at 1-800-631-8153 or online customer service to solve these problems.

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