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Thursday, March 14, 2013
Recently, many new laptop computers with Windows 8 system have been released in the market, which has caught many eyes already. Among them, Acer Aspire Ultra M5-581T series is a star version of 6 hour standby time which is 21Kg super laptop with 15.6 inch screen. However, comparatively, Macbook pro laptops have longer standby time.

laptop standby time
Actually, many Windows 8 laptop system computers have shorter last time than this Acer one while Advent Monza T20 can last for only two hours.

If seeing movies from local hard drive, this Acer super laptop can also last for four hours and a half, which is more than one hour less than Macbook pro.

Another awesome computer of Windows 8 system is Samsung Series 3 Chromebook. However, as it is severely relies to the Internet, the standby time is of only 3 hours and three quarters.

On the average, these 18 Windows 8 laptop computers have about half an hour longer than regular versions. In some cases, some laptops can last longer when playing the movies or music.

It seems that Win 8 is of higher efficiency than Win 7. So is the standby time after upgraded. According to Which laboratory, more than 50 laptop computers have been taken part, it shows that the longest is of 7 hrs while the shortest is of only 1.5 hr.

A famous British magazine “Which” has also found that Macbook 13 inch replacement battery with Retina screen has much longer standby time than other laptop computers tested.

When surfing on the Internet to browsing the websites, Acer Aspire M5-581T is the best Win 8 laptop with satisfied standby time. The second one comes to be Samsung Series 3 Chromebook, which hasn’ used Win 8 is of peer performance in the show. In standby time, this 13 inch Retina Macbook Pro will become the winter of this season.

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