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Tuesday, January 29, 2013
Recently, it is reported that the Li-ion laptop battery business is possible to be purchased by NEC in core technology. Similarly, A123 system company is also purchased by a professional group this week, which is approved by Foreign Investment Committee.

sony laptop battery

A few days ago, Japanese industry innovation mechanism has also said that if Sony laptop batteries are purchased by NEC, it will also be realized in the new company. Of course, Sony is also possible to look for some other buyers. It is calculated that the asset value of this business part should be more than 578 million dollars.

In CES, Kazuo Hirai, the CEO of Sony, has indicated that the reason for Sony to sell the core business is that they cannot improve the value of this part and it has already brought some loss. At present, Sony has planned to separate and restructure the consumer electronic business, including digital camera, game machine, mobile equipment and so on. In last year, Sony has ever sold the chemical business to Japanese industry innovation mechanism that is regarded as a measure to divest the non-core business.

As the largest new energy lithium battery manufacturing enterprise in the market, A123 has ever cooperated with NASA's jet propulsion laboratory and got 250 million dollars from the government. However, it occurs to submit to the local court for bankruptcy last year just as three other companies in the industry.

With rich experience in Li-ion laptop batteries, the advanced lithium iron phosphate battery technology can prove that these purchases are valuable to the buyers. With higher and higher technologies, Sony VGP-BPS13 battery can last longer with more rechargeable cycles inside. Both A123 and Sony can complete more rechargeable cycles under suitable work temperature and it can ensure the capacity and performance in a very high level. In too cold temperature, this technology can also improve the running rate by 20% or more.

Actually, the Li-ion technique is more than lithium-ion laptop battery only but mobile car, chemistry, physics, astronautical technology and so on. We guess that the battery industry may have a great revolution or the Li-ion technologies will have great breakthrough in the future.

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