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Thursday, January 10, 2013
When the whole industry has come to the hotspot in fast development, the lifespan and real performance of lithium-ion laptop battery have become the features on the basis. To get this goal, both selection and maintenance are of great significance to make the laptop batteries live longer in real work.

Dell d630 battery

Some users are asked to charge the lithium-ion batteries for more than 12 hours at first use. It is truth that this method is applied to Ni-cd and Ni-mh versions, which can settle down the problems of memory effect and other issues in last time.

However, this traditional activation ways are not suitable to Li-ion laptop battery while it may add more consumption and harmful to them. After all, with protection circuits installed, overcharging is also dangerous.

After all, each Dell d630 battery has its own nominal value according to original specifications in output voltage and current. When the real output power has reached a certain value, the protection circuits will work and cut down from the mains supply.

Even so, if it hasn’t reached the certain nominal value, the continuous overcharging will be harmful to all the laptop batteries due to too much consumption, high work temperature and more internal resistances by self-charging.

Generally speaking, when the remaining power energy has reached about 10%, it is time to recharge the lithium-ion laptop battery. Comparatively, it is unreasonable to recharge when the remaining power is of about 30% or more. Of course, if users are about to out for months, the remaining power energy should be more than 40%. After all, the internal accessories will consume the output power inside even if the laptop computer doesn’t work.

As for most the laptops, the power control circuits have the same feature. The whole lithium-ion laptop battery will recharge automatically only when the remaining power is below 90%. It is calculated that the batteries come to consume all the power energy by self charging for about two weeks to a month. That is to say, the most harmful way to lithium-ion laptop battery is not in use for more than a month.

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