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Friday, December 28, 2012
As for regular use, it is really hard to determine how much is powerful enough to charge the lithium-ion laptop batteries. In the process of charging, it has all sorts of sayings about if it is necessary to unplug the battery or not. Actually, the control circuits of laptop computer are much better than those of cell phones while they will cut off the recharging circles and keep charging after the remaining power has reached a secure value.

Is it necessary to reactivate the new laptop batteries?

HP dv6000 battery

Good HP dv6000 battery control circuit has good design inside the device of remaining power energy of lower than 95%. Therefore, users don’t need to worry if the new battery will be overcharged after is not in use for a long period.
As for storage, we recommend users to pack it by a layer of plastic wrap, which can keep it away from the dust. And users should put it in a cool and dry place to fully charge it and activate to avoid activity lost.

Of course, after stored for months, it is necessary to activate them by charging and discharging to adjust the BIOS value and other accessories inside to start working again. Otherwise, the whole laptop battery is possible to be dead thanks to too deep discharge.

First of all, set the screen protection to be never, which can consume more power energy when playing with the laptop computer. In Windows power management system, it is necessary to set the power option to be on all the time. In alarming options, set the alarming setting to be of about 10% and don’t do any operations while the serious power shortage alarming to be of 3% and the operation is standby.

After that, users can readjust the screen lightness and brightness to be in the highest value. Ensuring that users have closed all the windows and save all the work data, then fully charge the laptop battery and unplug all the power supply and external devices to turn down the screen lightness to be in maximum value.

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