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Wednesday, December 5, 2012
Different from the whole laptop computer, usually the warranty of lithium-ion laptop battery comes to be shorter to be only 1 year warranty. Of course, in USB Phone World, users can purchase the 3 year extended warranty to get more after-sale service for the batteries. Even so, as a matter of fact, most of the laptop batteries can last for about 3 years or more if used properly.

Why the Dell pp29l battery is of only one year warranty?

Dell pp29l battery

No matter it is an original or compatible version, all the lithium-ion batteries are of 1 year warranty instead of more. First of all, according to the industrial provision, all the free warranties for battery are only one year. And the usage methods are different from each other and the provision is got from the actual conditions.

Of course, some refurbished batteries haven’t got warranty or less than 1 year warranty. They may be cheaper but they won’t perform well enough as they are used ones in actual performance.

How to extend the Dell pp29l battery lifespan?

Some users who have maintain their lithium-ion batteries well can take advantage of them even much longer to be 5 years. The most dangerous situations for laptop battery are not in use for a long time. If you have to leave them unused, they should be removed and put in a cool and dry place well. After that, activation is necessary if users need to recharge and discharge it.

In regular use, the temperature should also be cared while users had better keep the whole laptop and battery fully contact with air to release heat while they should be away from wet and water. Avoid deep discharging or overcharging while the control circuits will help the laptop battery to work in secure range.

Is it necessary to buy the 3 year extended warranty?

Actually, the laptop batteries in USB Phone World are the same while we can provide more service, including technique support, replacement, solutions and other items if users purchase this 3 year extended warranty. Certainly, it depends on the users real requirements.

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