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Thursday, November 15, 2012
How long does your laptop need to fully charge the laptop battery? Have you ever imagine that it can be charged successfully in one minute? Actually, in Korea, a national science and technology college has developed a new kind of charging technology to shorten the charge time to be nearly only one minute.

hp g62 laptop battery

It is reported that Ulsan national institute of science and technology has successfully decomposed and carbonized nano particles in the Graphene Oxide and it can cover lithium-ion HP g62 laptop battery by the whole electrode conductor network.

By this new technology, all the particles can be resolved and effected in at the same time on a very high rate. As a matter of fact, this new technology can be applied into many other consumer electronic products with lithium-ion battery, including laptop battery and cell phone battery.

As is exemplified by HP g62 laptop battery, with 9 cells inside, it can last for about four to five hours in regular work while it needs longer to fully charge the whole battery and 9 lithium-ion cells.

If charged by a normal 65W HP G62 charger of 18.5V and 3.6A, it costs about 2-3 hours to fully charge this 9-cell laptop battery in most of time. Compared to this new conductor, it has wasted a lot of time in charging and other fields.
As a matter of fact, this new technology can resolve the internal iron-phosphate particles and other parts inside to upgrade the ways to react in chemical properties and transfer the mains supply to nominal output power value more rapidly than before. That is why it can complete fully charging in only one minute and run steadily and smoothly.

Of course, the new technology is only in tests in Korea to have some certified experiences on real HP G62 and other consumer electronic devices before taken to mass manufacturing.

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