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Monday, November 12, 2012
Compared to many other regular laptop batteries in the market, this 9 cell e1505 battery for Dell can last longer of powerful functions in performance. As they can be compatible to the same laptop models with the same internal structure, why does this 9-cell version has longer last time?

9 cell e1505 battery for Dell has three more lithium-ion cells inside and higher output current.

9 cell e1505 battery

As a matter of fact, the cells quantity has determined the last time and capacity of the laptop and battery inside. The parallel cells have combined into the one side of the battery to supply output voltage according to the original nominal value. At this moment, the series part cells have combined into the other side of the lithium-ion cells to be the output current, which determines the standby time of certain laptop battery.

In most cases, the more cells for 9-cell Dell e1505 battery have more cells in series to increase the output current value. That is why the last time of this 9-cell version is longer.

Of course, to ensure the compatibility, security and stability, the manufacturers need to have some tests in performance and quality. The compatibility concerns about the interface, connector, shell materials, control circuits and output power. All these are of great significance to check if certain laptop battery can fit your Dell E1505 or other laptop models well.

As for the security and stability, the control circuits in design, structure, primary materials and assembling have decided the whole performance. That is what users should check before making the final decision. A good credible merchant of long experience is a good choice while after-sale service can make users more satisfactory and reassurance.

On the other hand, of poor contact, the 9 cell e1505 battery for Dell won’t have long enough lifespan, even if it can last for more hours at early times. Therefore, we should get to a reliable battery supplier and get the certain laptop battery according to your laptop model and requirements in last time.

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