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Thursday, November 29, 2012
As the important part for laptop computer, on no account can we ignore the performance of the Li-ion battery to influence on the laptop system, last time and stability. If it is possible to protection the batteries well, it can not only perform better but can last longer and longer as well.

Dell d410 battery

At first use, it is dangerous to overcharge the Dell d410 battery for too long time while it can be activated by fully charging and discharging for three times.

As is known to all, the merchants usually ask users to activate the battery or charge the battery at the first time of use for over 12 hours. Actually, it is the habit for Ni-cd and Ni-mh batteries while we need to solve the problem of memory effect. For this reason, we need to adjust the BIOS system to indicate the remaining capacity properly. Comparatively, Li-ion batteries haven’t got such problem while it can be charged normally at any time.

If users hope to take advantage of the laptop battery longer, some factors should be paid attention to, including work temperature, running speed, specifications, lifespan and so on.

Maintenance is the only way to extend Dell d410 battery life and performance to a great extent. That is why we need to pay great attentions to these factors.

In regular use, we should keep it work in cool and dry places and it is impossible to have a battery last long enough if the consumption of laptop system is very high. Of course, high-capacity battery versions can meet the requirements for those who need longer last time that is of higher output power in voltage and current.
If the Dell d410 battery is not used for a long period, users should activate it by charging and discharging to make the BIOS recognize it again.

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