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Sunday, November 25, 2012
Have you ever used to charge your cell phone by USB connecter to be plugged into laptop computer? Recently, Intel has claimed in their official blog that they are cooperating with a chip manufacturer Integrated Device Technology, can be also called as IDT, to develop the new wireless charging technique for laptop computer.

new charging technique

According to the traditional Intel developing ideas, when the cell phone is about to be out of power energy, there should be mains supply or laptop computer beside to recharge if there’s little remaining power inside the cell phone.

Only in an hour, the users can fully charge their cell phones and it can last for nearly half a day. Although it is possible to connect to laptop computer to complete charging for cell phone at present, Intel think it is hard to achieve without USB connecting cable. And this new technology has already been completed in Ultrabook computer from Intel.

They also claimed that this new wireless charging technique can charge as fast as the USB charging connector cable. Actually, Dell adapter pa12 has a wireless transferring passageway to supply power energy more rapidly and steadily on laptop and cell phone.

Of course, this new charging technique is still in the process of beginning development stage. Traced back to 2008, Intel has first communicated with their cooperators about this wireless charging technique.

The Integrated Device Technology also said that they will prepare to have a new press conference to display their completed accessories for this wireless charging technique. However, as for the date to publish their new charging device, it is still uncertain. After all, the technique should be checked by more laptop computers and cell phones in actual work.

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