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Monday, December 17, 2012
It is magic to have the laptop battery to charge by itself to save more power energy. One day, users can charge the laptop computer and other digital devices by a simple line, board, or just the dresses. Of course, all of them can not only be realized in theory, it needs more real practice in actual situations.

solar laptop battery

It is known to all that as the key parameters to solar Lenovo t400 battery, the higher photoelectric conversion the better. However, under the standard conditions, the high conversion won’t stand for high power energy supply. In fact, the influence factors have also included condition and effective time factors.

It is reported that at present slim film battery components conversion is under 10 percent, lower than 5 percent of crystal silicon cell module. According to a foreign report, the same conversion of laptop battery, non thin film solar laptop battery can provide 13 to 17 percent power energy annually.

In fact, the high-tech industrial material high purity silica has high market demands these years in electric semiconductor and PV industry. That is why the cost cannot be controlled well.
At present, the manufacturing of slim film solar laptop battery cannot be produced without high purity silica while the consumption has been reduced to a great extent. As the translucency of sunlight is increasing, the conversion and power supply has been improved.

Although the optical energy is clean, it cannot realize all these advantages in adsorbability, conversion and power supply. Some even cannot last long enough and they are different from each other in applications. The technology needs advancing in resource consumption, environmental friendly and other factors in manufacturing.

Up till now, the application in real practice in solar laptop battery is still in the initial stage while the whole PV industry should stand more and more strict tests in technology, market and compatibility in laptop computer and all the other consumer electronic devices.

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