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Sunday, December 23, 2012
According to the professional technology site, a new 12W power adapter will born out for iPad 4 to shorten the charging time to be of only 30 to 40 minutes. Comparatively, it has saved users more time in waiting for fully charged and the powerful output power of the adapter can improve iPad running rate obviously.

After eliminated by Insanely Great Mac Company, the 4th generation AC adapter for iPad has improved effectively in output power to be of about 12W. However, the output power of former iPad chargers is of only 10W. Actually, the power difference has come from output current. That is why it can supply more power energy and shorten charging time.

As is known to all, compatible replacement laptop chargers for Apple have different versions just as lithium-ion laptop batteries. Except for universal or solar ones, the difference of them is mainly in the aspect of specifications to determine the compatibility, running speed and charging rate.

Of course, some users will worry if the higher rate laptop AC adapter will serve the computers better. Of course, just as iPad and other tablet series, they are also different from each other in interface connector tip. Although some universal chargers have replaced tips for all these devices, it is impossible to have the same port for all the chargers and computers.

At present, the new AC adapter for iPad 4 is unable to be compatible to the old iPad series to shorten the charging time. This 12W is reported to be sold with the new iPad in the market. According to Apple, the price of the sole sold AC adapter will be about 19 dollars. In my point of view, except for the charger, users will care more about the battery in last time.

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