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Wednesday, January 9, 2013
In these days, the manufacturers in CES have displayed a large amount of wireless charging devices from cell phone, laptop computer to motor vehicles. These multi-functional chargers have many advantages to cell phones, tablet computer and so on. All these wireless charging devices will be wildly used in the whole market.

wireless charging

The first global wireless technology standard association has released about 35 new wireless chargers for smart cell phones while some of them will be on sale soon. In CES, the new Qi wireless charging technology standard has been applied and will be sold in 2014.

The new wireless charging has higher output power and can supply power energy stably by a special charging indicating light on the base with certain charging district all around. The sold price for this kind of new charger is possible to be 302 dollars.

The global top sound brand JBL has displayed a new portable loudspeaker in this CES exhibition. This new loudspeaker has applied the Qi charging standard technology and NFC short range wireless communication technology. Therefore, when using the laptop or cell phone devices, it can help these consumer electronics to play music, movie or other media players to have better sound performance.

Franc's has also displayed some versions of new Qi 2.0 generation product with upgraded wireless charging technology. The wireless charging chipset can support short range wireless communication technology when transferring by the data. The HP pavilion dv5000 adapter will be more powerful and conveniently in actual work.

JBL has also planned to display a mobile loudspeaker based on the new NFC chip. It can not only charge well but play music on the devices at the same time. It is reported that the higher capacity wireless laptop charger will be released soon for both laptop and tablet computers.

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