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Saturday, January 5, 2013
When the cell phone and laptop computer come to be lack of power energy, have you ever thought that a part of the body? Maybe someone has seen such a situation in the movie, but it has become the truth in real life at present, which can be charged by the ear of human beings.

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In the last century, the scientists have discovered that there is a kind of weak Li-ion current in human cochlear. However, some scientists worry if the power energy in human cochlear will influence on the health that they haven’t found the right way to take advantage of the bioelectricity.

Last month, the researchers from MIT, MEEI and HST have had some professional tests in the ear of mammal animals about this new kind of natural Li-ion battery for implanted electrical continence device to supply power energy, which is proved to have no affect to human hearing.

In the experiment, the cochlea of a little guinea pig has become a wireless launcher and supply power energy for more than 5 hours. After connected to the electrode, it can also be a low-consumed launcher and transfer data by wireless way.

This experiment has proved that the imaging has been realized after more than half a century.

As a matter of fact, many feeding animals, including human beings have natural power supply in the ear. After receiving the voice from outside work, the mechanical force from eardrum vibration will destroy the balance of potassium ion and sodion and produce a new special carrier protein to be an automatic voltage regulator.

Nowadays, the difficult points to be fixed are the stability and durability of cochlear power. A German scientist thinks that the space of ear is small. If electrode or clip is implanted, the overall output power will also be limited.
From this point of view, the natural charger for iPhone, Dell laptop or other electronic devices cannot be realized according to current technology. The scientists need to have a new upgraded way to store more power energy by new mode to optimize and produce updated effects. Of course, this new technology has already been applied to the medical community to supply medical basis clinically.

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