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Sunday, January 13, 2013
An obvious exhibition stand has appeared in CES from Intel that has showed us the touch notebook computer. It means the age of touch devices has come while it will be more amazing than tablet computer and traditional laptops in many aspects. The touch notebook computer will be more conveniently and multi-functional.

touch notebook computer

In the exhibition stand of touch notebooks, it has included HP, Dell, Samsung, Acer, Asus, Lenovo, Toshiba, Sony and other laptop and tablet computer manufacturers with Windows 8 system. As a matter of fact, this new technology has already become the new surprises to users in CES.

To ensure the touch technology can play well in the terminal devices, Intel has also claimed the PC cooperation association in the exhibition about all the Haswell chip for next generation based on the new technologies that have to support touch functions.

The next laptop will be the age of touch notebook computer that has included many types on show. Such as HP EliteBook Revolve and Lenovo Yoga, the touch notebook computer can rotate but cannot separate with the motherland system.

The key point is that Intel processor and related electronic accessories that are listed below the laptop keyboard while the design of this new processor can also improve the performance of laptop system rapidly.

The standby time of lithium-ion a1185 battery is unreasonable while the new Ivy Bridge chip need high effective cooling fan. As for tablet computer, it has already got the separated Windows 8 version, including HP ElitePad 900 and Dell Latitude 10.

As for the completed Windows 8 based on Intel chip and Windows RT based on ARM chip, the tablet computer has longer battery standby time, light weight, precise design and lower running speed. Of course, not all the laptop computers have touch versions in the market. Some high-end game equipments and business laptops have adopted non-touch screens. From this point of view, the touch notebook computer won’t replace the main stream PC computers these years.

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