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Monday, February 25, 2013
For a long time, the last time of laptop battery has always been a key barrier for laptop computers in the process of development. Actually, many amazing functions cannot be realized due to the limitation in last time. However, Japan has produced a new laptop battery recently than can last for about 15 hours.

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries has issued a new lithium-ion laptop battery VOLTANK whose maximum output power can be about 500W. This product has been displayed in Tokyo that is regarded as a great revolution in the industry. Actually, this new product has already been sold to some corporate customers while it will be open to normal users later.

laptop battery of 15 hours
They have also issued announcements that the battery is also of very good portability, compatibility and conveniently in stock. As a business backup power supply for enterprises, it can also supply enough power energy for field work and other wide use, which will be popular with large sales volume.

Since 2011, Japan has suffered from great earthquake and guaranteed to sell some important equipments for enterprises. To supply more output power, it has invested more in production and operation to meet the increasing demands in laptop and other consumer electronic products.

With lower than 500W output power, the laptop battery can last for up to 15 hours with connected to laptop and mains supply. On the other hand, this VOLTANK battery can rarely self discharge even if it is not in use for a long period. Comparatively, the normal Li-ion discount laptop batteries will be consumed in performance if laid aside for more than 3 months. In some urgent situations, it can even product the whole computer from overcharging with better secure performance.

Normally, the input power of this VOLTANK laptop battery from Mitsubishi Heavy Industries is only of AC 100V. As for charge time, it also needs about 3 hours to fully charge. Although it seems to be amazing in functions, the size of this long lasting laptop battery is bigger than normal ones and of 13KG weight. It looks like it still needs a long way to go to take advantage of this new device in actual work.

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