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Friday, September 21, 2012
How to reserve your laptop battery? Actually, for a variety of batteries, laptop batteries can possibly cause explosion in addition to itself quality problem and also related to users’ improper using habits. Computer experts have suggested us that we need try our best to avoid bellows 5 misunderstandings regions in Acer laptop battery.

1) Charge the battery when it has been exhausted already or full charged
How to deal with: Over-charged your battery will drop markedly its activity. Therefore, please do not charge your battery into 100% on purpose. And neither keep using your laptop until it shuts down automatically because of the exhausted power. As a matter of fact, it will not do harm to your battery if you charge it when the power is 10% and stop charging when it is up to 80%.

2) Put your laptop on the bed with plugged although it is shut down
How to deal with: It will possibly cause the battery to be overheated catching a fire. So you should keep away the laptop from sofa and bed which is hard for heating dissipation.

3) Never take out your battery
How to deal with: In fact, the problem of over-charging does not exist for a well design battery because lithium batteries have its protection circuit. It says no charging when the charging indicator light extinguished. However, the aging rate of lithium batteries can be accelerated. So you had better remove your battery from your laptop if you do not use it so often in summer in case it is harmed by heat.

4) Using your laptop still plugged in although the battery has been full charged.
How to deal with: In addition to shortening the lifespan of the battery, it would cause overheating of the laptop which will easily damage the other components when direct current and alternating current be used at the same time. The simplest method is cutting the external power supply.

5) Reserve the battery when full charged or exhausted
How to deal with: Laptop lithium laptop batteries required to be activated statedly. So it is not correct for full charged or exhausted. Reserving exhausted battery too long will lose its activity. On the contrary, reserving full charged too long will bring potential safety problems. The best method is reserve it under discharged 30-40%.

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