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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

What do you think about your communication in online or offline? When most of people have owned an iPhone, do you think it is still cool and fashionable style to you? And do you want to improve the work efficiency on PC computer and communicate more enjoyable?

Find your contact on Skype or other messengers with simple operations.

It is way to operate on PC computer to establish a communication on cordless Skype phone. And it is convenient to see if they are online or not. Have you come across that your contact cannot be connected and you have to leave a message? Actually, you can avoid embarrassing and don’t need to wait for him for reply calling. If you need, you can also leave a message on Skype phone or on messengers.

If you are far away home, cut the cost of telephone rate to a great extent.

Whether you are working or studying in US, it is unavoidable to contact with your friends, family members or others by telephone. But it is really another burden to you if you don’t have a rich budget. Why not take a cheap cordless Skype phone in your own? Don’t worry if they don’t have Skype or other accounts. The phone is also available to normal telephones and mobile phones. Of course, you may ask them to submit a new account to communicate more enjoyable.

If you are a businessman and located far from office, or have a business trip abroad, Skype phone is your assistant.

Is it hard to handle with all sorts of business deals, especially when you are far away from the office? Let the assistant to solve all these frivolous activities, including translation, having a multi-person conference and calling replies.

As a small business, what you can achieve through Skype phone?

  1. Complete a cheap calling center.

  2. Having an enjoyable online conference anytime anywhere. As long as you have computer with network, you even don’t need to use the Skype phone beside the computer.

  3. Reduce the expense on telephone and mobile phone rate.

  4. You can also download and update your Skypemate software on your computer to get more additional functions for Skype phone.

Any small business or public school that wants to participate in our cooperation project, please fax you PO to 888-718-3609, or you can call us by 800-631-8153.

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