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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Windows7 is gradually becoming the mainstream of computer systems today for parts of high demand, Windows7 system, optimize natural became need hard drive the object, but by opening the AHCI mode, can be hard disk to a certain extent the performance of ascension.

Generally speaking, the BIOS setting default for hard drive in the original IDE mode for compatibility. If in this mode, Windows7, was installed in the BIOS change again for AHCI mode, hard drive, unless it can not enter the system reinstall system to just go. Share a need not today small make up a simple method of armoured system.

The first step: according to Win button. In running column input regedit, enter open registry editor.

Operation regedit

The second step: after open registry editor, enter HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ System \ CurrentControlSet \ ServicesMsahci key values. On the right window double-click the name as Start project, a dialog box opens, will default parameters change by 3 0. Click ok screen, restart your computer.

Change Start default parameters

Third step: after the restart, enter BIOS, done in Peripherals page, will SATA RAID/AHCI Mode for change AHCI.

Save restart, at this moment the system will automatically install AHCI driver. Install a good system will require a second after the restart, after the restart, hard disk AHCI mode is opened.

AHCI hard disk mode

Edit comment on: hard drive for AHCI mode in change after the speed of the system starts a little change. But in the big file copy, speed by original 60MB/S promoted 71MB/S, performance improvements about 20%. Hard disk in the system, Windows7 scoring has also improved.

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